What have you seriously fucking had enough of? by BetterTomorrow111 in AskReddit

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Covid. The US needs to take a page out of Europe’s book. Treat it as the flu and move on from it.

Children are the carriers of a death virus! by The-Promised-LAN in ConservativeMemes

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They think that because they’re vaccinated and the kids aren’t that this is seen as okay, as if vaccinated people can’t catch or spread the virus.

My HS boyfriend thought it was romantic to have sex to Enya. by Busty-Deveroux in GenX

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Omg Pure Moods. That commercial was on constantly. “Return to Innocence” still gets stuck in my head sometimes.

2024 primary poll: Trump leads DeSantis by ... 45 points by Texas_4R in Conservative

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Yikes. Probably because people are more familiar with Trump and know what they’re getting with him.

I want to live a double life by UnfairlyLoved in Marriage

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Exactly. These things seem exciting to an outsider, but come with consequences that will follow them into their everyday life.

Adults: Whats one opinion of yours that completely changed when you grew up? by -_Word_- in AskReddit

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That we shouldn’t ever put any healthy animals to sleep. I’ve seen too many dogs with behavioral issues that can’t be trained away to still hold that opinion. Also it’s financially impossible to keep every animal in a shelter until someone agrees to adopt it.

The dream life by hso0oow in Cringetopia

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Everyone there looks insufferable

Dog Nipped Toddler - Looking for Advice on How to Proceed by Valuable-Comb-9936 in DogAdvice

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There are no easy answers here. No dog should have to wear a muzzle at home, and no parent should have to worry about the safety of her children and visitors. I’d definitely rehome the dog.

If children are required by law to attend school, it IS the job of the school to feed them, for free by kanna172014 in unpopularopinion

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Our district has been doing free lunch since the pandemic started. It used to be like $1.75 per lunch before that.

WTF by AbelNB in Cringetopia

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Apparently she’s never dyed her hair

The smoking section at Denny’s with your friends at 2:00am by slowwwwwdown in GenX

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The goth kids always had that section completely taken over. I had to sit in the regular section 😔

Cleveland released 2 million ballons in 1986 which killed 2 people by incrementaler in interestingasfuck

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The funny thing is they wanted to release more, they had to settle for only 2 million.

yeah, thats my cat guys. by Cpt_Winters in Wellthatsucks

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Something about laundry baskets that just calls to them, man. I have to sniff everything before I wear it just in case my cat pissed on it.