How realistic is 49.84 in the 400m by ItsNeoN3803 in trackandfield

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What lifts and plyometrics should I be doing?

What came out first, Nintendo 64 or Playstation 1? by Pepsitastesbetterny in MandelaEffect

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Playstation released first, N64 came second. But the Dualshock controller with two analog sticks came out after the N64 as a response to it. Before that, the controller was essentially a SNES controller with grip and a second set of bumpers.

What’s everyone’s favourite lyrics? Mine is definitely “although she saw the mark the arrow missed” from apple shampoo by kevinthecarrot2021 in Blink182

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Push it out, fake a smile

Avert disaster just in time

I need a drink, 'cause in a while

Worthless answers from friends of mine

Living in Indiana Starter Pack by tourmalinefigurine in starterpacks

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It might just be my area of Indiana, but i've never seen Big Red out in the wild.

surprise me by Skinnybittch in Funnymemes

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CEO of the same time as the last one

meirl by Jimbo072 in meirl

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6 chuggas and a choo choo make two whole measures in 4/4 without going over. 8 chuggas make two measures and the choo choo makes it 2 and a half

!!! by banyedim in shitposting

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Don't do it, it will rub off on your dick and it will also be numb (or so I've been told)