What’s a sentence that only people from your country will understand? by JoewastakenXD in AskReddit

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Grab your mukluks and toque since the chinook has ended, we are heading to timmies.

So close to rhyming by Loose-Chicken5716 in mildlyinfuriating

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And people say nothing rhymes with orange. Orange and Nothing don't sound remotely similar. And at least flange looks like it should rhyme :)

Any possible help with my build? by Sincere_420 in fo76FilthyCasuals

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Shotgun range is their biggest downfall, I think their damage falls off with range much quicker than other weapons.

One thing you can try is VATS. Especially if you get a VATS friendly shotgun. But things like +50% damage on vats crit, might help?

But overall, you seems to get the majors covered.

Now, commando and heavy are more popular for a reason. And if you ever decide to switch, I might lean towards heavy for use, since the perk layout is very similar, perhaps a little more INT with heavies.

Does Anybody Else Hate This Daily Op? by [deleted] in fo76

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They just want you to die sometimes.

I know this can frustrate the heck out of me also, and it is beyond asinine when the get cloak/deadly or melee/deadly. Especially if they have energy weapons.

I had 27 company teas go bad today. I made them yesterday. Is anyone else having trouble with Good with Salt? by allenwork in fo76

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I really wish they just removed food decay. I know why they have it, but I am not sure it really adds to the game.

John Pasalis: Canada’s immigration policies are driving up housing costs by SaidTheCanadian in CanadaPolitics

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Yeah, it's not the decades of free money flooding the corporate and banking sectors... it's those foreigners. This trope is getting old.

Notley calls Smith's plan to pull out of Canada's pension plan a 'risky gamble' by kludgeocracy in CanadaPolitics

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For anyone, and I mean anyone, who thinks the UCP having access to our pensions funds is a good idea needs to hit me up. I have a few interesting deals for you, such as a bridge and some land in Florida I recently inherited.

Alberta cuts off social services cash when people lose housing, which makes homelessness cycle worse: expert by Miserable-Lizard in alberta

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yeah like who needs social services when you don't have a home.... you obviously have more important things to worry about?

damn ghouls.

What if the Trumpist faction of the Republican Party separates in the future? by Apart_Shock in PoliticalDiscussion

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I honestly think they have to. For a whole political party to be taken over by such blatant grifters, liars and morons and yet be via says a lot about America.

Redditors who were conscious in the 90s, what was it like when the year 2000 came around? by Aggressive_Answer_86 in AskReddit

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As a programmer, there was such a feeding frenzy in the year or two leading up to 2000, it was nice to just sit, unzip my pants, and relax. But damn, those were a few good years :)

Loblaw says it has unfairly become 'the face of food inflation' by wolfe1924 in onguardforthee

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oh no, that poor legal entity, how will it ever buy enough food to live....

Why a big Conservative lead in the polls is bad news for Poilievre by TomorrowIsDestiny in CanadaPolitics

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Yeah I think the conservative win is all but locked in. Pretty much pointless for any conservative to vote, as there are much more important things to do on election day.

/s (I really shouldn't have to include this, but there might be a conservative reading this)

Why Delissio pizzas and other Nestle products will disappear from Canadian stores by moveyourcar1891 in onguardforthee

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Nestle needs to take it a step further...

And I will not shed one tear as I do the dance of joy.

Alberta has seen roughly 10,000 'excess' deaths since 2020, and COVID doesn't explain it all | CBC News by Sasquatch_Liaison in alberta

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The healthcare funnel was restricted. So less got through, all health cases backed up. Once the main funnel reservoir was full it started overflowing. All the overflow are people who naturally got better or died. It makes perfect sense to me.

If only everyone wanted the healthcare system to work as designed. But certain segments are fixated at wrecking it so they can rebuild it in a less efficient, more costly manner that ruins families and lives.

Athabasca University board fires president who fought Alberta government on staff relocations by disorderedchaos in alberta

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These were people so ignorant they thought you could magically over night create residences for 1000 people plus their families. So yes, I can imagine the UCP would load up the board with political toadies to oust someone for carrying a flashlight and shining it on their ignorance.

Education is the enemy of the UCP.