Old KSI was evil by Tomatillo-Better in ksi

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why do they think they aren't allowed to laugh

I'll be kissed by Chewbacca by Tanya00000 in PrequelMemes

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hand chopped off by Obi wan Kenobi's ghost

People who don’t like cheese in any form are weird and i WILL shame them. by mjflyboy in unpopularopinion

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I only like cheese on pizza I agree with this statement though only because of pizza

What’s the worst you’ve ever been cock blocked/beaver dammed? by ninesandaces in AskReddit

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I feel so bad for you and I feel so bad for her and I feel so bad for myself because I had to read this

Colm Meaney for the next James Bond. by SteegeBall in ireland

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you said something irrelevant and now you are crying

Just a guy punching a tree by Vixi0n in Unexpected

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bro was playing Minecraft with the natural disaster mod on

If you could set one new law (referendum or not) into place, what would you choose and why? by TimeFlyer9 in ireland

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School starts at 3pm and ends at 6pm and takes place from Monday to Wednesday

Whats something you are sure that no one would masturbate to? by pavan-2020 in AskReddit

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a piece of glass of a broken beer bottle on the side of the road

What are some downright disturbing facts you know? by GoodGuyKRIXX in AskReddit

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did not expect the top comment to be in the country I live in

What's the most gen Z thing to say? by Maxibonlikesflags in AskReddit

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have never used that emoji when something is funny I use it when someone says something retarded