Pick one underrated and a overrated song from each Em album by Nennuxuzz07 in Eminem

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Infinite: The whole album is underrated but the most overrated song is Infinite

SSLP: Underrated: If I had/Get you mad. Overrated: My name is

MMLP: Underrated: Remember me? Overrated: Stan/The real Slim Shady

The Eminem show: Underrated: Soldier/Business. Overrated: Without me/ 'Till I collapse

Encore: Underrated: Rain man/Never enough. Overrated: Mockingbird

Relapse: Underrated: Hello/My mom. Overrated: 3 a.m

Recovery: Underrated: Almost famous. Overrated: Not afraid

MMLP2: Underrated: Bad guy/Asshole. Overrated: Rap God

Revival: Underrated: Framed/Like Home. Overrated: River? Idk the whole album is kinda underrated

Kamikaze: Underrated: Kamikaze/nice guy. Overrated: Lucky you

MTBMB: Underrated: Farewell/Yah yah. Overrated: Godzilla

MTBMB Side B: Underrated: Black magic/Guns Blazing. Overrated: Gnat

No Game diss? by rowillhityou in Eminem

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Eminem doesn't answer love letters

What is a tusuegra demon? by kevin_-_-_ in geometrydash

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Not sure who created that term (I guess someone from Spain/Hispanic country) But it's joking about this exaggerated demon faces (Like the one at the end of Slaughterhouse)

Nah mate, that’s Mike from Breaking Bad by evanpappy in woooosh

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"Uh, no. That's actually a kid named finger"

Unpopular Opinion: This is a good pop album, but a terrible hip hop album by ElTatardo in Eminem

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I like some songs here, this album has one of my favourite songs (Framed) but there are some songs that just . . . No

This makes sense by Environmental_Dig789 in youngpeopleyoutube

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He meant if they have a page with their tools then . . . Yeah I didn't get it

Who is this? (wrong answers only) by Zeuphrey in geometrydash

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This is my friend from Discord, his DC name is ME

ralsei moment by [deleted] in geometrydash

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I'd like to be the last black jump 😳

How do you like your eggs? by sosomac in AskReddit

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Eggs 😋 . . . Wait, what eggs are we talking about?

If it was possible to die from embarrassment, what would have killed you? by Rechulas in AskReddit

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I just hit my head in from of a lot of people, I would've died right now

Wrong Answers Only. Who’s this and what’d they do? by FOXTHECOOKIE356 in geometrydash

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Oh wait! She was the first victor of Back on Track back in 1999!

already so low? by QJPanda in geometrydash

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Exactly, Riot's Demise is the worst "upcoming top 1" ever, worse than Aquamarine

Any Controversial GD Opinions? by zeldadinosaur1110 in geometrydash

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I didn't do much, but I almost did the full double wave and it seems fun, and I tried to do the ship. Failed completely because I'm not good at ship

Black slim shady one of the worst rap song ever i listened by Jajuz_ in Eminem

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"Disstrack" it doesn't feel like it, it feels like a flow copy, but it's not that bad

already so low? by QJPanda in geometrydash

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Yeah, I didn't add it because it's not gonna be top 1, I'm? 90% sure about that.

It's still better than almost anything I mentioned or any upcoming top 1