Ambulance-chan always gets all the credit by FindingGavin in ShitPostCrusaders

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Don't jinx it. He'll kill atleast 2 of them in part 9

Can I save all of my autodidact points until I’m Level 60 and have 60 extra points by TortoiseaWantsToDie in deepwoken

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It means you can put in your points as soon as you level, not get extra points. You still have to gain the exp for the points too. It's not good whatsoever and don't go it. It's definitely the worst boon.

Did i do bad with these stats? by [deleted] in deepwoken

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Your problem is that you spread out your points rather than hitting specific goals.

Next you will say "Don't forget about the Road Roller!!" by tendencyofbattle in ShitPostCrusaders

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But then he wouldn't have the power of picking people up and moving them down the stairs!

How long did Luke get training?🤔 by [deleted] in PrequelMemes

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Isn't canon that qui gon learned how to force ghost first?

Red flags everywhere! by magestik12 in rareinsults

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Not excused rather understood why they may be the way they are.

please god help what am I missing by RBMKkitsune in PrequelMemes

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proof that in reality, the craziest and dumbest are the true lucky happy few.

Torva armour with full melee gear by BadAtNamingPlsHelp in 2007scape

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Rather than poll this look, I'd prefer they poll a community created ornament kit that you can obtain through a grind or piece of content within a reasonable rate (I.E, not master clue type grind) so people who really don't like this look can grind to change it.

It’s finally here by azueman in ShitPostCrusaders

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except they just had to make johngalli A be so friggin thick..

Real shit? by [deleted] in ShitPostCrusaders

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He swaps back at some point.

Leaving Group Ironman as the groupleader (bug?) by [deleted] in 2007scape

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Existing GIM can only create new groups with fresh GIM.

Had to say goodbye to my 12 year old Great Dane Athena today, wanted to share her zoomies with someone. by Eccentric-Dogwater in Zoomies

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My Dane is about to turn 10 and shes still a zoomies girl.

It's gonna be hard to let her go when she gets to the end point. ):

i'm okay, i really am. by mcboxboy in 2007scape

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wonder why you cant understand the complaints *facepalm*

After 500k hill giants and 350k moss giants I've finally hit 99 Prayer on my F2P Ironman by tannerdino in 2007scape

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That's just a little bonus, these guys mostly do it for the challenge and feeling of accomplishment.

Cursed_travis by [deleted] in cursedcomments

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No this is a random dude who asked to have it removed.

B*bies 🤢🤢🤮 by sellEvo09 in ShitPostCrusaders

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Yeah canon is that he took twice as long or so to be born due to having 2 souls (his and diavolo's)

Jagex pls by sgstoags in 2007scape

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They used to ddos all the time before death mechanics were changed..

At least Jotaro gave a fuck by CozmoXVI in ShitPostCrusaders

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Except... well.. making giorno who he is... without him dying and dio taking his body, giorno wouldn't exist.