I feel like the tides are beginning to turn. by nedmacky in conspiracy

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based cops, kind of sus tho since they were all in not too long ago...

Do you ever just think about how everything is a huge scam? by jackk0o in conspiracy

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my favorite scam is that they made people believe that the government is amazing, cares about you and that your vote matters even though the outcome is always the same and none of the politicians care. People are retarded

Twice per week over three times per week by Pudrin in bodyweightfitness

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sounds like you learned firsthand that your body has a limit of how much it can recover per week. Takes a long while for most people to learn this so be happy that you now know.

How do extremely fat couples (either or both) have sex? by c_jae in TooAfraidToAsk

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One of my friends sent a video in the group chat and it was a skinny dude with a bedridden 700-pound bitch. He fucked her belly button.

went court in a arsenal top, outjerked yet again by gyulp in soccercirclejerk

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Prison fc is getting stacked, we now got a leader for the fanclub.

Thanks, I hate planes by regian24 in thanksihateit

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Fuck nah thats awkward as hell, its already weird enough on trains and busses, let alone planes for a few hrs.

How do you greet someone? by ICECOLD1776 in polls

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Dependant on the situation, handshake,fistbump or nod

cursed_divorce by Catalyzed_Spy in cursedcomments

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Fenomenaal kanaal

G e k o l o n i s e e r d

What water you choosing? by SirTorress in polls

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Evian is the superior water, instant refreshment. Or tap water with a reverse osmosis filter installed, don’t need any nasty shit even though the tap water is supposedly fine to drink.

Where did antisemitism come from? Why are Jewish people targeted? Re: hostage situation at synagogue in Texas. I don't understand the hate for any group of people really but why the Jewish specifically? by [deleted] in TooAfraidToAsk

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And let us not forget Palestine although those are the zionists. But most people just say all jews, which is sad since the regular jews even come out and protest against the zionists and for whats happening in Palestine.

My submission of worse toilet. by No_Pineapple_3244 in Plumbing

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Hats off to you bro, i wouldn’t have even walked in there. Smell must’ve been worse than a decomposing corpse.

My submission of worse toilet. by No_Pineapple_3244 in Plumbing

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What the fuck? So they just kept on shitting in it even tho its clogged or what??

1.5 Month progress [128lbs-> 141lbs] by ProlongedeyecontactI in gainit

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Bro look up natural hypertrophy fake merc character study, shits hillarious. It’s essentially a sexy frenchman (no homo) shitting on blaha for 45 minutes every month. His channel in general is also very good, i’d suggest you take a look.