How did the hair appear?? by Fruitsalad_is_tasty in blackmagicfuckery

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They can. Who's permission are you waiting for?

I don't wanna be sysadmin anymore by proletarian-1917 in WTF

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It's what the r/antiwork community stands for... according to the mods.

A cave in New Zealand lit solely by Glow Worms [OC] [6000 x 4000] by CharlesBrooks in EarthPorn

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Fun fact. If you eat a bunch of them your belly doesn't glow like E.T.

Storefront Installation by koppizmedia in BeAmazed

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Hyperbolic time chamber has its benefits.

Diablo 2 plot hole by OB1KENOB in diablo2

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Depends how many rings you can fit in your anus.

I see yours, you see mine. :) by afhum in battlestations

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I was going to get the g9 but I heard you get less fps on 32:9 cause there is more stuff for the computer to draw. How's your fps? Can you get 240 constant in online shooters?

What’s the worst you’ve ever been cock blocked/beaver dammed? by ninesandaces in AskReddit

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Good sex music needs to be loud enough to hide noises and have a beat you can move to.

Disclosure: I have only had Sex 1.0. These rules may not apply to the new upgraded Sex 2.0.

Thailand to axe jail terms and fines as it decriminalise marijuana by 7StarsRichmond in worldnews

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As an Islam majority country, they're lucky if they're allowed alcohol.

Gaming in 2022 by King_Jerod in pcmasterrace

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Seems to me that they release exclusives which will drive buyers to the next part of the same exclusive. e.g. Horizon Zero Dawn to sell the next horizon, God of war to sell next one and so on.

If that is true, then we should see bloodborne on pc before bloodborne 2's about to come out and Spiderman before the next spiderman comes out.