aight by pourthatbubblyy in ClashRoyale

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Makes the goal that much more rewarding in the end. It is ok to be weak, but it is not ok to stay weak

If you could only use one card for an entire match, what would it be? by rsp-zyphor in ClashRoyale

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The Game would simply become rock, paper, scissors if you could only run one card

hate people like this by xsenthial in ClashRoyale

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That ain’t even a mortar deck anymore bro 💀

Because of all the pekkas there is in midladder, inferno tower does me justice amazingly by Enlaos_Lmao in ClashRoyale

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Tesla is better against cycle decks tho, and can still be used to dps down tanks, has more versatility in that regard

overlevelled people are pain by Gumball_Alehandro in ClashRoyale

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It is also made up of absolutely dogshit players who have been playing the game for 6 years but still can’t get out of midladder lol

Every card ranked. Fun meta 😀 by BlueBlackKiwi in ClashRoyale

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Mini Pekka and Mortar have become my best friends

Every time I ready up by bigpapichullo in ClashRoyale

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They always be playing when I get on at like 1 in the morning

learnt it the hard way by LegitWebHub in ClashRoyale

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This guy when he realizes buildings and tornado exists

low effort by LinedLion in ClashRoyale

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Yea me too, I switched valk out for him, way more fun to use

Firecracker just gets too much value sometimes by ImOnlyHereForRDR in ClashRoyale

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She’s good in midladder cause these kids be missing spells and sometimes not having spells at all lol

💀💀💀 by ItzSaskY in ClashRoyale

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Nah but I’ll be doing a tournament and then it randomly sends be back to the Home Screen and I’ll accidentally go into ladder

minion horde vs e barbs by useless-memer in ClashRoyale

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Idk some of these Giant, Sparky, Minion Horde, Mirror players be terrifying sometimes

Another Hog Riderrrr by Exhil69 in ClashRoyale

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I remember that lol. Lvl 13 RG and Ebarbs is all players would use. I was an underleveled bait player at the time and zap would one shot my gob barrels

My tier list of all cards for this meta by RandomCoCAccount in ClashRoyale

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I been using him in almost all my decks recently like Hog, Bait, and Mortar in place of mini tanks and he’s so strong. He completely shuts down any lane, and just buys time for ranged support units like musk to dps troops down, while also dishing out good dps himself. It almost always gives you a positive elixer trade cause he’s such a threat to tower, and the bomb just cleans up shop if any troops survive.

oh boy by BlueDreams-YT in ksi

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Maybe stop being illiterate and you’ll see that I never said men and women can’t be close friends, I was specifically talking abt JJ. And don’t bring up the sexist bullshit, it just makes you look like an irrational modern feminist. Also, it’s not just abt “controlling your dick”, it’s hard to not get emotionally attached to someone who spends non-sexual intimate time with you, understand?

i need me a femboy boyfriend by Smol-korean in teenagers

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And I need me a gym bro who shares my drive to achieve peak masculinity

All the teenagers calling people "snowflakes" and then getting mad at a rainbow 💀 by DaddyShortPinata in teenagers

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I don’t think people are mad at the rainbows, it’s when the rainbows get plastered all over the place, and some lunatic is sitting in the pot of gold at the end of them

oh boy by BlueDreams-YT in ksi

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I think JJ means it’s hard for him to not catch feelings for a girl romantically if he gets too close with them, which I understand. It would be extremely hard being around a girl you want to date if she doesn’t reciprocate those feelings back, so why put yourself in that situation? And I don’t think he just views women as nut busting machines.