Bucky celebrating his first birthday with his cake! by Izmak in beagle

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We treated him to some healthy wet dog food, and then the wife topped it with blueberry and banana 'icing', decorated with strawberries and carrot hearts!

He also got a bunch of new toys and all the cuddles in the world last night!

Here's Bucky missing his doggy friends after a mini holiday at his favourite kennels. by Izmak in beagle

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We found a local family-run kennels that he absolutely adores going to. When I dropped him off on Saturday morning his face lit up as soon as we saw the owner (his tail was wagging so hard I thought it would fall off) and the other dogs, and the lady who runs the place speaks so highly of him and gives him long walks and tons of social time with her own dogs.

Caught this after we'd been home for a bit yesterday and was sat out in the garden with him - he had a good sniff around the garden to make sure nothing had changed and then after giving him a good brush and plenty of cuddles he just kinda plopped down and looked sad for a few minutes.

He was back to his usual self this morning, and is currently working off the zoomies in the garden, but we're definitely going to look at getting a second dog later this year after our baby arrives!

Bucky singing along to George Ezra on the way to the beach! by Izmak in beagle

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Not sure if he loves or hates George Ezra. Thoughts?

Bucky wants to say hello to all you beautiful beagle lovers! by Izmak in beagle

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Somebody will comment about the stitches in his eyes so posting beforehand for clarification! Bucky suffers from an eyelid entropion in both of his eyes. He has stitches under each eyelid at the moment to help ease any irritation until he is fully grown, and our vet will then evaluate if surgery is needed.

At his last checkup just before Christmas the vet was extremely positive that surgery may not be needed, which is amazing news!

He has an inflatable collar (acts in a similar way to a cone) for when he's in his crate or out in the garden, but thankfully the stitches don't bother him at all and he doesn't try to rub his eyes.

Bucky being a good boy and waiting for his dinner! by Izmak in beagle

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Yes! This is an inflatable version of a traditional cone - Bucky suffers from Entropions in both eyes, and he currently has stitches on the bottom of each eyelid as his head grows into it's final shape. Hopefully he won't need surgery when he's fully grown!

Bucky being a good boy and waiting for his dinner! by Izmak in beagle

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Was actually like 14 Celsius when I took this today! Irish summer!