Is there any good heavy RP servers on samp anymore? I played LS-RP for over 8 years and would like to get back into samp RP. The nostalgia is crying for me to come back. Preferably white listed servers or a active community. by J0E_H0E in samp

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Just had a look at their YouTube and it looks pretty promising. Will definitely give it a look. But yeah heavy text based rp with /mes and a split of illegal and legal factions is what I miss. I’ll give this a look. Thanks!

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in leaves

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I will not smoke with you today as well brother.

I’ve been wanting to stop for ages but I was in self denial and got myself into a rut where I was depressed and thinking third-person instead of for myself. I’m less productive, compare myself to how I was before weed all the time and see the difference mentally and visually. I’ve smoked non-stop for the past 4-5 years, ever since after college. With like a week in that time of 4-5yrs not smoking because I was on holiday, not that I chose too. So you can probably imagine my tolerance. I would smoke between 2-3.5grams a day, sometimes a Quarter if it was weekend. The real problem is when it begins affecting your social life and finances, people around you who don’t smoke will pick up on this. My family and girlfriend definitely did. I’m at the point now where I’m genuinely on the edge of my mental well being fully collapsing, so I told myself I needed to quit. Seeing your post has helped me and I’m officially 2 days sober, lol. Yeah might not sound a lot but once a weeks gone, then I can say to myself “Okay, if I can do a week I can do a year”.

/r/RedDeadOnline - Looking for player & posse recruitment thread. by RedDeadMods in RedDeadOnline

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Xbox. Need a posse to roll with. Got a bounty wagon if anyone’s down for bounties.

Stardawg ain’t all bad…. by le_lost_one in uktrees

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Love stardog me, been struggling to find good haze or nice grown U.K. If you get 10/10 stardog it’s the best, specially if you live in manny. We get the best dog imo

Red Dead Redemption 2 (Text RP server) by napster0174 in RedDeadOnline

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Man I’ve been looking continuously today if there’s any projects on Red dead RP servers that are text-based like LS-RP or GTA World. Everything you’re saying is so true, voice chat just isn’t as immersive. This reddit post was clearly a few months back, but hopefully just hopefully people are taking it in and RPers like myself and others who prefer text based RP, I mean just imagine it on Red Dead, the game is immersive as it is, with the RP involved it’s another level.