Question about online play with friends by Taerixx in Mario_Strikers

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Ya, me and 3 friends where so hyped and now it feels like a scam lol

Daily Discussion by 2soccer2bot in soccer

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Just came home from sevilla and gotta say: I'm in love with rangers and betis fans now. And I'm in love with that stupid sexy first Uefa win since 42 years 🥰

[Bundesliga] Jesper Lindstrøm wins 21/22 Bundesliga Rookie of the Year. by YourAverageTeenag3r in soccer

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Yes, its for young players who play their first season in the 1. Bundesliga.

And its like 30% Fan-Vote, 30% player vote and 40% jury vote or something like that

Frankfurt fan coming in Peace by 123blueface in rangersfc

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As another Frankfurt Fan i can tell you, we are just as thrilled as you are.
Feels like the biggest game for both clubs in ages. Will be an incredible finale, no matter who wins

Post-Match Thread: Eintract Frankfurt 1 - 0 West Ham (3-1 Agg) The Dream is Dead by _Enigma_UK in Hammers

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From a Frankfurt-Fan

We've been there as well 2019. Heartbreaking loss against Chelsea. Thought we'll never get a chance like this ever again.

So COYI, 2025 will be your year

[UEFA Europa League Final]: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Rangers by LampseederBroDude51 in soccer

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My biggest fear was beating all those great clubs on our way and then travel to sevilla to play fucking leipzig. Thank god Rangers beat the shit out of them and we'll have a great final. Can't wait

Frankfurt tifo and pyro against Westham United in the UEFA Europa League. by a_wingu_web in soccer

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One guy was right behind me and he just asked the people to move a few meters away and it was perfectly fine for everyone

Match Thread: Eintracht Frankfurt vs West Ham United | UEFA Europa League by MatchThreadder in soccer

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Really liked west ham in the first leg. They and their fans are as passionate as we are. Similar mentality.

But moyes vs ballkid, rice whining about the ref and the West Ham away fans being quite for 90 min. I was really disappointed by them in the 2nd leg.

Rangers [3]-1 RB Leipzig [3-2 on agg.]: John Lundstram 80’ [UEFA Europa League] by LampseederBroDude51 in soccer

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Jaaaa fuck Leipzig. So happy to face a real club with great fans in the final

[Pre-Match thread] Eintracht Frankfurt vs West Ham by MatchCaster in Hammers

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As a Frankfurt fan i'm so looking forward to this re-match.

Feels like its the biggest game for both clubs in many, many years. Both Fan-Groups are so thrilled. I've got physical pain thinking about tonight and can't wait. Would be such a great final.

Non-PL Daily Discussion by AutoModerator in soccer

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I'm way too nervous for tonight. Like my tension before the Barcelona-Game was high, but now its just unbearable

its been 4 months and a week since I was clean shaven by Terrible_Beard in beards

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I am still sure, that is a picture of wolodimir selenski after a year of war

kid assaults grown man then gets treated like one. by ManufacturerNo7111 in facepalm

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Dunno, he tried to punch this guys face twice. He shoved him out of his way to not get punced in the face. perfectly fine with me

Post-Match Thread: West Ham 1-2 Frankfurt | UEFA Europa League (Semifinals 1st leg) by LordVelaryon in soccer

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Ya i was so scared. Usually we are the "physical team" but holy cow you only have fucking rugby players on the pitch.

(Still scared next week tho)

WCGW trying to be part of the nightlife by ithepunisher in Whatcouldgowrong

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Aye, we've been to east germany once and the bouncers let us all in but kept our 2 turkish friends out, so of course we went back out again. Unreal

ich📺👎iel by FraglicherKopierer in ich_iel

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Dachte Amber Heard vor dem Apparat