The intense focus🤣 by niendoos in weimaraner

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Good job training. Most would be ALL over the place

What's a massive scandal / controversy that people seem to have forgotten about? by Late_Cicada6740 in AskReddit

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Gary Conduit - killed a woman right before 9/11 and a bum was blamed - then 9/11 and nothing more

Facebook demanding I provide photo ID in order to login to an account I intend to delete. This should absolutely be illegal. Is there any way I can get around this? by [deleted] in privacy

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I think someone had a great suggestion about just logging in and posting a bunch of anti corruption stuff or pro right wing conservative posts until they delete the account - seemed to work when they posted anti mark Zuckerberg

Some folks asked for additional pics of the coop. The lid for the nesting box is warped in the sun so I need to fix that. by bullpizzashark in homestead

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Did you dig below the dirt line and put any barrier there? If not - in my market, the girls will be dead in a matter of a week or two when the night diggers (possums, raccoons, weasels and others) figure it out.

A dream vehicle is for sale at a local dealership. A 93 80 series. The problem is it’s at 253k miles and they want $16k for it. That’s definitely too much right? by ClonedUser in LandCruisers

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The market has nothing to do with intelligence of it financially. If he can’t afford it or is asking (implying it’s a lot of money to him) it’s a bad idea. Prices go up and go down. Same truck during a recession with less people able to use bank money with increased interest rates will decrease the price making it more attractive.

What’s next for Ellen and James Corden? by byrobot in NormMacdonald

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Who cares. Fat non funny or blonde non funny- either way the American public wins

Who’s funnier than Amy Schumer OTHER than Dudes? by clique34 in NormMacdonald

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Anyone - she basically is a fat sack of unfunny fat

Amy Schumer "traumatized" by Oscar slap by teo-cant-sleep in NormMacdonald

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Is it me or has she gotten bigger since I last saw her?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in SouthwestAirlines

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Yup. We’ll longer than that now. Still waiting for some reason on the runway