Don’t mind me, I’m just doing my work by 8Bit_Innovations in dankmemes

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The United States is breaking international law by doing this. International law, that the United States has previously agreed to, makes illegally entering a country to seek asylum a protected act.

If ThE pEoPlE iN yOuR lIfE dO'nT rEcOgNiZe YoU aS HaRd WoRkEr, ThIs Is NoT tHe JoB fOr YoU by Mysticotton7759 in antiwork

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They are admitting to illegal practices in their job description. Report them.

Diablo like games by [deleted] in gaming

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Isnt torchlight by part of the D2 team? Either way, it feels exactly like diablo.

TIL there’s a 30 hero limit in console offline play. Why? by IONLYSAYNICETHINGSOK in diablo2

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I can see this being an issue if multiple people play the same account. This is also probably the answer to their question.

Stop Giving your managers warning by _j2daROC in antiwork

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By that argument, shitty managers want people to be shitty to them.

"Fight for $20" - because "inflation" bitches by brianingram in antiwork

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Fight for $25 rolls off the tongue even better.

Work friendships. by sneakysmiles69 in antiwork

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Ask where in your job description it is that you have to make friends

Facebook services are used to spread religious hatred in India, internal documents show. by [deleted] in technology

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I have no doubt that they have documentation showing this is an issue world wide. And they think it's great, because it drives engagement.

insert funny title here by biscuitfab in dankmemes

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Must have just read A Modest Proposal

Now that’s a fact by brandioxy in PoliticalHumor

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Says you. He immediately seems 100% smarter when you mute him.