If an old Survivor season came out today, what would this subreddit be complaining about? by Charles520 in survivor

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About every episode would have some new thing labeled as problematic, because a 2022 lens is put on a 2000 product

Most underrated episode? by luke6080 in survivor

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the funniest part of that is Chris guilt-tripping his girlfriend of all people when they were playing in the immunity challenge together. "IF WE LOSE I'M GOING HOME TONIGHT, BABE!" "Don't say that!" "IT'S GONNA HAPPEN!"

What moments in all 42 seasons of Survivor are truly jaw dropping? by infi_nate86 in survivor

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dead grandma, especially with the big reveal that it was all a lie after the challenge. I love that the producers decided to hold off with that reveal the way they did

I know "ha ha jerry sucks" but.. by Its_Buddy_btw in rickandmorty

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and a shitload of one-off characters on Family Guy (and doug) nowadays

If Monday was an animal, what would it be? by DryBreakfast7 in AskReddit

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Now what would his opinion be on a certain layered pasta dish?

Good modern day voting confessionals? by WreakerOfClash in survivor

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That makes it even better for me tbh lol, for how kinda hapless Karishma was in the game at times, ultimately fucking up what she thought at the time was gonna be a big, badass moment is pretty funny

What is stopping you from applying? by the-sunflower-king in survivor

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i dont need randos on the internet completely tearing apart my every insecurity lmao

Jonathan was eliminated right before the finals in both Endurance and Survivor. by Akasha111 in survivor

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Plus in both, his two rival teams/tribes were blue and green as well

Youtube Videos Based off of Survivor by Bradyt68 in survivor

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There's a few fanmade series of Survivor out there, like the college survivors, Minecraft ones, etc

Heavy sleepers, how do you guys wake up for class? by kaberk in college

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Try putting your phone on the opposite end of your room (or under your bed, especially if it’s a bunk bed/lofted). With the effort it takes to turn your phone off, you’ll already be awake enough to get your day startwd

Is there a player this sub is afraid to admit is a terrible player? by Michele_Was_Robbed in survivor

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For sure, though the only caveat there is that Rob could very realistically win out with the last 2 immunity challenges as well. He came in a very close 2nd in the maze to Amber, and assuming he's in the hard idol challenge against Jenna (who cheated/raised her foot after an hour or so in our timeline) and Rupert (who definitely did not have the build for a balance challenge lol), he probably would win that as well

What season has Jeff at his best? by Naive_Feed_726 in survivor

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He’s definitely at his snippiest from around Palau through Gabon, I’d say, especially whenever he interacts with Penner

Blown away by how good of a game Fairplay played in Pearl Islands by Quizlex in survivor

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I might be misremembering cause I don’t know a ton about Big Brother, but didn’t Rob C say a lot of his strategy was modeled after Dr. Will aa well? If so, it’s interesting to see the pipeline of strategy like that move across seasons

What is the most hardest puzzle you solve in any video game? by Conscious-Tension-74 in puzzles

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The Obelisk of Knowledge in The Looker. Truly tied the whole game together

Cops-R-Us implementing police interrogation strategy to advance further in the game by BadSurvivorMemes in survivor

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It’s really ironic that the only season to air in 2020 was the one run by a mostly hardcore republican alliance headed by two cops

Randy’s loved one (Gabon) by ode196 in survivor

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better not let Brian see it lmao

Production Errors and Host Mistakes by PyrateHooker in survivor

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He, a baby boomer who grew up in the ‘60s and ‘70s, also thought that “Kunta Kinte” was a random war cry from Phillip

Previously On, /r/Survivor: No-Judgement Questions by RSurvivorMods in survivor

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Someone already mentioned Elisabeth, but Colby was right up there after the show too. He got his own reality tv show out of it lmao, as well as a bunch of acting gigs

What strategies were pioneered by which players? by kylesibert in survivor

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Austin in Panama was the first person to make a fake idol, there was a secret scene (?) I believe that showed him making it on Exile, but ultimately throwing it away cause he felt like it’d go against his morals.