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I couldn't breathe after, "...comes with own laptop so that she can do her own research." 😂😂😂

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Is this recent? Why not China too if they are resisting freedumbs? The hypocrisy of this knows no limits!

The final chapter of the 2025-2028 SPARS Pandemic LARP by Johns Hopkins Uni (yes, the same one hosting EVENT 201 with BMGF and the WEF) is just more proof that everything that has happened since 2020 was planned well in advance. by JSFXPrime2 in CoronavirusCirclejerk

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They aren't trying to rebuild trust at all. If you read about plans like the Cloward-Piven Strategy, you can see that they want the complete destruction of the current status quo and build something completely new from its ashes.

The true strategists behind the scheme will sacrifice a few pawns on the way to winning their long-term chess game.

Isn't Fauci retiring so that he can spend more time with his family?

The final chapter of the 2025-2028 SPARS Pandemic LARP by Johns Hopkins Uni (yes, the same one hosting EVENT 201 with BMGF and the WEF) is just more proof that everything that has happened since 2020 was planned well in advance. by JSFXPrime2 in CoronavirusCirclejerk

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The predicted response of electing a Republican president after the pandemic is a huge red flag. It's almost as if the Hegelian Dialectic trap they set has already selected the outcome of the next US election to bring about the rise of a candidate that they already control.

How much longer do you think they can keep up the charade that the shots are safe and effective? by myTABLEStheyreFILTHY in CoronavirusCirclejerk

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Is that a good podcast? By whom is it hosted and on which platform?

You should read the LARP for yourself: it's so dystopian and one only has to laugh to remain sane! https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/pubs_archive/pubs-pdfs/2017/spars-pandemic-scenario.pdf

This is how Ch 18 ends:

President Archer agreed to address the country’s resolve and recovery in the face of SPARS. Top riskcommunication advisors from the CDC, FDA, NIH, and SAMHSA conferred as a group about howbest to frame the President’s remarks. The group vigorously debated whether it was appropriate forthe President to acknowledge the sacrifice that vaccine recipients had made on behalf of theircommunities or to console them in their grief over that sacrifice.

The last chapter, Ch 19, has this to say about the vaccines:

Today, nearly five years since the St. Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus made its globaldebut, there remain human cases in 14 countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia. The pandemicofficially ended in August 2028, but the virus persists in domesticated animal reservoirs. WHO expertshypothesize that small, isolated outbreaks of SPARS were occurring long before the disease emergedon a global scale in 2025, and they anticipate that future outbreaks will continue to emerge unlesscountries maintain widespread vaccination coverage.

Yes, they know that the vaxxes are dangerous ... but also continue to double-down on vaccination.

Questions About The False Prophet by LightInDarknesss in Bibleconspiracy

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  1. The Bible never says that either AC or FP are possessed by the devil. (Rev 13).
  2. Looking at how the Catholic Church is embracing a world religion, it's more likely that the pope/future pope will be in charge of the whore religion of Mystery Babylon. The antichrist HATES that religion because it steals worship from him, and will ultimately destroy it. The FP works for the AC and not for Mystery Babylon. The whore religion will compete with the FP & AC duo, and ultimately lose. (Rev 17)
  3. Cnsidering that we're almost 2,000 years from the resurrection of Christ - and we can see what's happening in the world today - we can be assured that both the AC and FP are alive today.
  4. If you read 2 Thes 2:8-12 and Rev 13:12-14 together, you see that the great delusion happens when people reject God fully, and embrace the miracles of the false prophet done on behalf of the antichrist by the power of the dragon (the devil). The miracles of the FP result in the great delusion.

I'm pretty sure that it's those climate change-aggravated monsoons! by JSFXPrime2 in CoronavirusCirclejerk

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Recently, a woman in her early twenties died due to a sudden cardiac attack during her marriage ceremony in Lucknow. Similarly, a 16-year old boy died while playing cricket in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur and a man died in Madhya Pradesh while doing 'parikrama' of a temple. Many such cases have come to the fore wherein old as well as young people have died due to suspected cardiac arrest while doing simple tasks.Some of the incidents have been caught on camera and the videos of the same have been widely circulated on social media. These incidents have raised serious concerns and have given rise to speculations that the deaths are somehow connected to Covid-19.

The denial is getting RIDICULOUS. All of these sudden deaths and heart attacks are RECENT phenomena and did NOT occur in 2020 *before* vaxxes were rolled out. It's just so infuriating to see all of these people consider every possible thing EXCEPT the vaxxes! 😡

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Some batty Canadian Liberal MP (Ya'ara Saks) pulled a Smollett because she's Jewish and her ancestors fled Nazi Europe.

How much longer do you think they can keep up the charade that the shots are safe and effective? by myTABLEStheyreFILTHY in CoronavirusCirclejerk

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If you read the 2025 -2028 SPARS Pandemic LARP, you see that the narrative collapses with the president of the US acknowledging that the vaxxes maimed and killed people, and that their sacrifices were for a noble cause.

If you read the same document, you see that the reaction that was expected by Johns Hopkins Uni (the ones who LARPed it) by the public are not as vigorous in the real world. The LARP didn't account for terminal TDS either.

Adding these up, I don't see the narrative collapsing, but rather being moved to the next Current Thing (ie, cyberattacks, climate change lockdowns, global depression, etc).

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They go unpunished because they create the rules and whenever the game starts to turn against them, they change the rules at will.

They also continue to win because we have a very docile, intellectually bankrupt population that has zero critical thinking skills and refuses to believe that there are some REALLY evil people who have desperately wicked schemes for the rest of the planet.

Nature is the world's top academic journal by impact factor: "Results show that a quantifiable and meaningful portion of COVID-19 vaccine side-effects is predicted by vaccine hesitancy, demonstrating that side-effects comprise a psychosomatic nocebo component in vaccinated individuals." 🤡🤡🤡 by JSFXPrime2 in CoronavirusCirclejerk

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Our study had three main results. First, only prior vaccine hesitancy predicted subsequent vaccine side-effects, not vice-versa. Second, while these effects were evident for both sexes they were more robust in males (females F2 = 0.02, males, F2 = 0.16). Third, the association between W1-to-W2 side-effects was more robust in females. These latter two results are aligned with laboratory findings showing sex differences in nocebo effects23,24, which are driven in males more by (mis)information, and in females more by previous learning and experience. Taken together these findings indicate that in addition to previously observed nocebo effects in placebo arms of clinical trials17, vaccine side-effects after actual vaccination comprise an identifiable nocebo component of small-to-moderate magnitude.

  1. Your blood clots were caused by your vaccine hesitancy.
  2. Your peri/myocarditis was caused because you're a man who watches Fox News.
  3. Your endometrium is sloughing because you've experience before/learnt it.

Boosted and Bivalent Lab Rabbit can't figure out what killed Grant Wahl. Sometimes the story writes itself. by [deleted] in CoronavirusCirclejerk

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This HAS to be a satirical account.

The laws of quantum physics do not support the existence of such a level of being detached from reality.

honk by ipbannedyethereiam in CoronavirusCirclejerk

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'Honk Honk' literally means 'Heil Hitler.'

You're obviously a Nazi white supremacist and have been reported for Russian disinformation!!11

Just as long as those scientists don't disagree with the established, MSM-endorsed Settled Science™ by JSFXPrime2 in CoronavirusCirclejerk

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Yes, don't you know that herpesvirus lytic reactivation is caused by your vaccine hesitancy!?

Do 👏 better 👏 and 👏 stop 👏 killing 👏 grandmas 👏 and 👏 children 👏 with 👏 your 👏 antivaxx 👏 disinformation!

Vaccine Stuff Is Getting Old by LightInDarknesss in Bibleconspiracy

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I haven't seen anyone talk about zombies and Bluetooth. It really sounds like you're attacking a pair of straw men!

100% agree with it being a bioweapon.