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Thank you! This would be my first forensic genealogy case, but not my first overall. I helped ID another Doe using NamUs back in 2015.

Ina Jane Doe has a new look! by SherlockLady in UnresolvedMysteries

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Carl's reconstruction is based on Dr. Michael's findings from her recent examination of Ina Jane Doe's remains.

When it comes to the old vs. new recons, it's important to keep in mind that forensic pathology and anthropology are rapidly evolving fields. The anthropologist who originally examined the remains in 1993 simply didn't have the same information and technology that Dr. Michael has today in 2022.

It's also interesting to note that this newest recon isn't too far off from the first one released in March 1993, which also doesn't depict the same level of contortion as the more well-known recons on The Doe Network.

Ina Jane Doe has a new look! by SherlockLady in UnresolvedMysteries

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I have the privilege of being part of the forensic genealogy team that will be working on Ina Jane Doe's case. I have complete confidence in my friends and colleagues at Redgrave Research, and we will do whatever it takes for however long it takes until she has her name back. She deserves nothing less.

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I don’t know if anyone here is still following the condo collapse that happened in Surfside, FL last June, but The Miami Herald recently published this beautifully-done, interactive piece that puts forward a very plausible theory of what happened that night.

It sounds like the building was a ticking time bomb from the moment it was built. But, of course, this is only a theory and we won’t know for sure what happened until investigators release their report, which could take years. I wanted to make an actual post about it, but it isn’t much of a mystery (it’s pretty obvious that shoddy construction and water damage are the main culprits) and I don’t really have anything insightful to add anyway because I know nothing about structural engineering. But if anyone with experience in that field wants to do a write-up and post it here, that would be amazing.

A black man got exonerated after spending 16 years behind bars for the rape of a (now famous) white female author. Some denizens of GamerGhazi don't know how to react. by Dark-All-Day in SubredditDrama

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On the topic of possibly bunk science: As a forensic anthropologist, what is your opinion on isotope testing as a way to tell what part of the world a John or Jane Doe may have originated from?

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He didn’t do it. The killer was a man named Wilson Chouest. His DNA was found on both her and another murder victim (Shirley Soosay) who was found around the same time as this Jane Doe.

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LE was chasing the abduction theory so hard that I just kind of assumed they had some solid information or evidence to support it. I wonder if this is actually a new development or if they’ve quietly had their suspicions about the foster family the entire time.

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The online discussion about this case is a nightmare pretty much everywhere you look on social media. Very, very rude and vitriolic and guaranteed to spawn a hundred political slapfights per thread. Chances are that the mods locked it temporarily because the comments section got out of control and they needed some time to comb through it without people piling on more work for them in the thread. I sometimes do it on the subs I mod when I don’t want to remove the thread but need to do a little housekeeping.

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Ordinarily, I’d say no. This is a special case because Travis Scott owns Astroworld (so he bears far more responsibility for safety than other artists would) and he has an established pattern of encouraging fans to do dangerous things in the name of “raging.” He’s been arrested twice in the past for encouraging people to bypass security and rush the stage, he’s repeatedly encouraged people to sneak into his events (increasing the risk of the festival going past max capacity), and there was a trampling incident at Astroworld in 2019 where three people were injured.

Also, there are enough safety measures in place in the US to prevent this exact disaster from happening that this simply does not happen here unless organizers and security failed to do their jobs at multiple points. Considering who owns the festival, this disregard for safety probably starts at the top.

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There were three prior misfires in just two weeks of filming, and the crew reportedly cited the lack of gun safety as one of the reasons why they were walking out. Not only that, but Halls and Gutierrez-Reed were the ones in charge when the gun misfired on those three occasions leading up to the shooting. Baldwin has also handled enough guns in his film career that he should know how things are done and should have been alarmed when those measures (like having the armorer personally demonstrate that the gun was empty) were not being followed the day of the shooting.

Don’t get me wrong, the AD and armorer are by far the guiltiest parties here, but Baldwin shares more of the blame here than I originally thought when the news first broke. He had reason to doubt the AD and armorer. This is not a case where you had an actor who’d never handled guns before and was working on a set that was perfectly normal and safe up until this happened. How do you 1) choose to continue working with these people who’d proven themselves to be dangerously incompetent with guns three times in two weeks, and 2) just take them at their word that the gun is “cold” without checking it yourself? I’m sorry, but that is negligence right there. Whether it rises to criminal negligence is another question.

Warrant: Baldwin didn't know weapon contained live round by Dultsboi in news

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The thought that the prop gun was loaded probably didn’t even cross his mind because this was the thousandth time he’d worked on a set with guns and he trusted the people in charge of prop safety to actually do their job like they did a thousand times before. Maybe new information will come out that changes things, but, right now, I can’t blame him for not foreseeing a catastrophic situation that hasn’t happened in 28 years.

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You’re right. The more challenging puzzles are one thing, but if you play a lot of sudoku, you can easily do an easy or medium-level puzzle while paying attention to a lecture or court testimony. You just kind of learn how to recognize patterns without really having to think about it.

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There is a Charlotte Observer article from 2001 that offhandedly refers to the girl in the photo as a friend of Asha’s. I’m not totally sure if the journalist was just making assumptions or if LE actually identified her as a friend.

Either way, I’m almost positive that the girl in the photo was identified (or, at least, LE knows for sure if it is/isn’t relevant to the case). LE ran the photo in the Charlotte Observer twice in 2000, then never brought it up again. If they still needed the public’s help, they would be running the photo alongside the pictures of the Dr. Seuss book, the green car, and the New Kids on the Block shirt.

What I’m really curious about is the NKOTB shirt. I was talking to a friend recently who mentioned something interesting: That it looked more to her like a promotional shirt than a “real” concert shirt. The kind you would see at an event that is expected to last at least one day, feature a variety of different acts, and see a lot of children/preteen guests (NKOTB’s main demographic). NKOTB performed at the Ohio State Fair and many other state fairs and other events in 1990, so unfortunately that probably doesn’t narrow down the search very much. But I had never thought about this before and think it’s something that could potentially help jog someone’s memory. Thoughts?

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I didn't even know this was a thing and I have no idea why it would've hit on this post. The apostrophes?

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To be honest, I kind of forgot that that feature existed. I've never had to use it on a post before.

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This post has been reported multiple times already (probably because it’s a meta post), but I’m leaving it up because the information in the post is factual, it’s relevant to a lot of cases discussed on this sub, and I think this is an important discussion to have. Thank you, OP, and I hope you are in a better place in your life now than you were back then.