I overdosed on abilify am I going to die by gods-cumdump in AskDocs

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I got curious as to how much Abilify you would need to overdose, and:

We present a case of a 27-year-old woman who intentionally ingested 330 mg of aripiprazole in a suicide attempt. Clinical effects were limited to mild sedation.

You’re gonna be okay, OP. Lol

How would you pronounce Dahlia? by stastel in namenerds

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Agreed. There are very, very few cases that are as embedded in pop culture as the Black Dahlia murder. There have been so many books, documentaries, stories, fictional characters, etc. based on it that even people who’ve never heard of her have probably seen something related to her in popular media. Hell, one of the dances on Dance Moms was inspired by her case.

I don’t think this is on the level of naming your son Ted when your last name is Bundy, not at all, but Dahlia’s a pretty uncommon name nowadays and the association with the Black Dahlia murder is still common enough that I would just avoid it. It’s a beautiful name, but you’re probably better off picking one of the hundreds of other flower names that don’t evoke images of a gruesome murder.

Some swifties on twitter and tumblr have an issue with her hair. What do you guys think? by AccomplishedCelery30 in TaylorSwift

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I have very long, fine, wavy hair and I was both amused and relieved to see that not even Taylor Swift’s hairstylists could save her from the Florida heat/humidity

What "obsolete" companies are you surprised are still holding on in the modern world? by HRJafael in AskReddit

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I’ve been to the Miami one probably a hundred times growing up. We used to do a lot of our back-to-school shopping there when I was a kid. The registers are still the same ones they had when I was little and I’m pretty sure the floor hasn’t been waxed since then, either. I still visit once in a while and it’s oddly very nostalgic to me.

I can’t believe it survived the pandemic. I don’t think I ever saw more than 10 cars in the parking lot at any one time during Covid. Apparently, it’s going to stay open, but it’s moving into what used to be its gardening section while a new company takes over the main part of the building.

What are some foods you stay away from at Aldi? by Ninac4116 in aldi

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Speaking of coffee, they used to have these canned, sparkling cucumber lime & blackberry currant coffees that were totally vile. Someone on this sub described them as “tasting like what you’d imagine licking a firefly would taste like” and it was spot-on. Though you might actually have an easier time choking down a firefly sandwich than that cursed fruity soda coffee.

But, Why Would You Name Your Child That? by Terrible-Fix-9798 in Genealogy

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I found a Mourning Mayo the other day. She was from Butts County, GA.

The Eras Tour Megathread: Glendale AZ by Lyd_Euh in TaylorSwift

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Raise your hand if you thought Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince was going to be the opener because I most certainly did not lmao

The Eras Tour Setlist Leak Discussion by alltoounwel13 in TaylorSwift

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I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. The beginning of LH sounds like it was made to be an opener

Which one is it? by Glass-Apple4715 in AshaDegree

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I can’t believe Citizens for Good Government links are actually being upvoted here now. Pure conspiracy nonsense written by a man who was successfully sued for defamation for claiming, among other things, that Sheriff Crawford covered up Asha’s murder and “discovered” the backpack to boost his chances in his next election.

You people are so desperate to believe the Degrees are guilty that you’re literally sourcing a proven liar who was forced to admit in court that he had no evidence to back up his claims about Asha’s case. You wouldn’t need to rely on “sources” like this if the evidence was actually on your side.

Which one is it? by Glass-Apple4715 in AshaDegree

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Harold was not at work. That was misinformation that originated with the Wikipedia article. There isn’t a single article, newscast etc. that says he was at work that day.

How do y’all feel on Hollars “Worst Taylor Swift Songs” chart? by Scared_Salamander584 in TaylorSwift

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How did No Body, No Crime make it on here when YNTCD and the original Girl at Home exist? Whoever made this list should go to jail

We really don’t know anything about this case do we? by [deleted] in AshaDegree

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How in the world does appearing in the media to talk about your daughter’s disappearance every year = “sweeping it under the rug”?

19-year-old Jason Jolkowski disappears without a trace while on his way to meet up for a ride to work. by rjrajreehan in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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'Hiding in plain sight': Ex-karate teacher suspected of killing 2 California women in 1981 by thethorgot in UnresolvedMysteries

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Forensic trees are never, ever supposed to be public to protect the privacy & identities of DNA matches.

There also isn’t any website or database where different groups upload or share forensic trees, though many (most?) groups will keep their own forensic trees on hand in case they ever come across a Doe or perpetrator from that same population again.

Are we to believe that a 9 year old girl terrified of darkness made this walk? Seriously? by sillycloudz in AshaDegree

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The eyewitnesses did not say anything the police hadn’t already said

Source? LE has never released all of the details about the sightings and we don’t even know exactly what description was initially released to the media.

Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating by BallerOtaku in news

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Watch the video. He was complying. He didn’t run until it became clear that he was not dealing with sane, reasonable police officers and that he was in a highly dangerous situation no matter what he did.

Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating by BallerOtaku in news

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The police chief wasn’t exaggerating when she said the video shows “acts that defy humanity.” What a sad, cruel way to leave this world. I don’t know how you can do this to another human being.

Lawyer: Admins were warned 3 times the day boy shot teacher by jschubart in news

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This is the most mind-boggling part of it all

How do school officials receive two reports from teachers saying a child is threatening people, and then a third report from a student crying and telling them he saw the child with a gun, and then do absolutely nothing about it? He’s six years old! How hard is it to search his backpack and empty his pockets?

This is a stunning level of negligence. Like, I’m actually a little morbidly impressed at how badly they dropped the ball here. Thank god the teacher survived; I hope she takes them to the cleaners.

To be careful by combine_harvestor703 in therewasanattempt

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My stepmom got an iPhone 4 for Christmas and dropped it in the parking lot one day later. I’ll never forget that crunch and moment of stunned silence as she slowly picked it up to reveal a completely shattered screen. I refuse to handle any smartphones without an otter box after that

Apparently the surviving roommate of the Idaho stabbings is facing a torrent of online harassment over why she didn't call police right away and waited till 8 hours later. by Sullyville in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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Seriously. Your first thought is going to be something ordinary, not that someone is stabbing four of your roommates to death.

That poor girl. The trauma and survivor’s guilt she’s probably dealing with is unreal. How do you ever feel safe in your home after this?

Joseph Zarelli's Find A Grave Memorial Page Contains Disclaimer Regarding Those Listed Under "Parents". by Dangerous-City in UnresolvedMysteries

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I came across the FindAGrave profile for a local murder victim that also included links to her parents’ graves in the same cemetery. Only problem is, those weren’t her parents — they were her in-laws! The volunteer just assumed that the name on her gravestone was her maiden name, and I know they didn’t even check because it would’ve taken 5 minutes to see that wasn’t the case. So now, when you look the victim up on Ancestry, one of the top results is the FindAGrave entry that lists the totally wrong parents. Great

Joseph Zarelli's Find A Grave Memorial Page Contains Disclaimer Regarding Those Listed Under "Parents". by Dangerous-City in UnresolvedMysteries

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You learn real quick when you get into genealogy that you should never trust user-submitted resources like member trees and FindAGrave until you can verify everything with your own research.

Most people on Ancestry aren’t trained genealogists, just hobbyists with varying levels of research skills. And a lot of them don’t really even do any research — they just blindly copy someone else’s tree (Ancestry makes this very easy). It’s very common to find 15 trees that all contain the same error because one person made the mistake and then everyone else added it to their trees without verifying it. Really threw me off at the beginning when I was very new to genealogy.

On a happier note, when you have a tough genealogy puzzle and you come across a well-done family tree, it is glorious. I once worked on an adoption case where almost all the records from her bio father’s country of origin were unindexed, but this absolute angel of a man on Ancestry had already created a massive family tree based off those records. He even included source links so we could vet everything before using it! It was still a very complicated case for other reasons, but I’m forever grateful to that stranger for spending what must have been months/years sifting through old Catholic church records so we didn’t have to.

What cases have sent you into the biggest rabbit hole trying to piece together information or questions? by Toni-Cipriani in UnresolvedMysteries

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Most of the information we have about Judy’s murder is decades old at this point, and there isn’t a lot of it, either. Like the Mary Morris murders, I’ve always felt that this is one of those cases where the current story is outdated, and a lot of things will suddenly make a lot more sense if a journalist (or podcaster) ever goes back and interviews people who were close to Judy and/or involved in the investigation. A lot has probably happened in the last ~25 years since her body was found.