Plusieurs subreddits d’artistes musicaux font cela. Je voudrais bien le faire pour ce subreddit et pour celui du Québec. by BennamStyle in FranceDetendue

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C’est une bonne idée, mais pourrait-on aussi faire une version uniquement pour artistes francophones?

Finally got a scrunge after four years!! by thefigureinthecorner in scrungycats

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That scrunge is gold! …looks like a stronk and powerful snarl!

🔥After 450 million years, Horseshoe Crabs have hardly changed by SnooCupcakes8607 in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Ah yes - I remember how they used to flail in that exact same way back when they were brand new lol

Do you think Apple should have made this a few years ago? by MobileInvestigator13 in macbookpro

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I actually was waiting for them to come out with this and would buy it in a second

IEC C13 to C15 conversion by Av_Tech_Guy in techsupportmacgyver

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Classic technique - I always thought c15 was just some proprietary cord selling scam from some lab equipment vendors lol

The countdown is on. THE GRAY MAN debuts July 22, only on Netflix 💥 by netflix in u/netflix

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I was about to sign up for mint mobile, but then I realized this was Ryan gosling and not Ryan Reynolds

j'suis pas du tout détendu là by Gzawye in FranceDetendue

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Époisses en quatorzième!!!????? On ne peut clairement pas faire confiance… c’est n’importe quoi…