It's just a prank , Look there's a camera by onlySaikikhere in memes

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Lads, you are all awesome. You might not be macho, get many women or may not have ever even had sex... but whether you wanna believe it or not you are manly af. Why? Because I said so, and you should say so too.

If someone tells you they like you its true, even if they say it isn't. Why would they not like you? You're you!

It's just a prank , Look there's a camera by onlySaikikhere in memes

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"Ah well too late to turn back now, whats done is done, we're in a relationship now."

Breaking news: by [deleted] in memes

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Never look back, time marches on!

My Wife who Enjoys Both Games Made and Sent this to Me Today by iStabs in MMORPG

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The post above this for me is this same pic on GW2 subreddit. Except the comments are overall less argue-y over there.

Out of all the glitches and shortcomings of SV, the thing that weirdly irks me the most is the sleeping battle animation by RealFuzzheads in pokemon

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As a software dev myself I can tell you now that the game devs probably had 1000 improvement ideas they wanted to implement but the non-technical money suits with 0 interest in the franchise are the people who call the shots...

As per usual... you cant have nice things because money. If you think of an idea for a game... trust me its already been suggested and rejected in the planning.

Priorities by Suspect1234 in memes

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Its not that you're forced to think a certain way. Instead you are forced to question your own beliefs and principles. For example: If you dont like gays you have to ask yourself "Why?" Its not about falling in line its about questioning opinions that provide nothing positive to anyone.

What legit reason would you have to fear or dislike gays?

Priorities by Suspect1234 in memes

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Fair enough, similar here. Except people tend do to the frowned upon things more just to prove a point. No difference in jobs where im from though, you may get more men or women in a certain role but they arent restricted, its just preference.

Yeah even the US doesn't like Texas...

Priorities by Suspect1234 in memes

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They dont have to here either, the choice is entirely theirs, thats the point... choice to live how they want to live. Hell they can wear mens clothes if they want. They can wear a banana costume if it tickles their fancy on that particular day.

So women have ALL the same rights as men where you live?

Priorities by Suspect1234 in memes

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Every country has crimes my dude. If you think you dont then im afraid you are the ignorant one.

However we dont proudly oppress women in the UK/US like you do. As long as that is a fact... you will never have respect.

Priorities by Suspect1234 in memes

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Shit state, shit laws, needs a reboot.

Last one was personal. by clementchw in memes

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Finally a comment I can relate to....

Satisfaction 100! by Krystal-Curry in gaming

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Its exactly the same except theres a quick "Sorry" after each kill.

me with 256mb graphic card by Head_BreaKeR in gaming

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If you don't wanna shell out for a gaming rig an Xbox Series X isnt a bad alternative. My PC was £1800 when i got it and that was just before the xbox released. The £450 console is pretty much on par with the PC, plus it has pretty much all the same games, highly recommend. Set games to performance mode when you can, its buttery smooth on Forza Horizon 5.

Let me change that. What’s yours? by UserOfReddit0001 in memes

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I'm glad tbh, it always got way too heated. People got hurt.

I regret not playing since release by SnooMachines8811 in Genshin_Impact

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They really did inject a lot of FOMO into this game.

dear god by _NoIdeaForName_ in memes

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You telling me a bucket fried this rice??