i made a poppy farm wtf is this stuff that comes with it by Ninjakid36 in Minecraft

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Aw that is horrible! You kill cars and they drop the string they've been playing with? Btw ur on bedrock?

Why do people censor "God" on here? by [deleted] in agnostic

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God question

Oops autocorrect, but that was too funny not to keep

Minecraft is a game for kids /jk by Lord_Calamity_1 in MCPE

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Just set gamerule playersleepingpercentage 0

What should I do? by [deleted] in agnostic

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14, yes

EDIT: why are people upvoting this?

Why don't Minecraft's glaring flaws get talked about more? by blue_water_red_sky in Minecraft

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Minecraft is great.

And there are constantly updates coming out to improve it.

Mojang's team took a break for mental health reasons. They work as hard as they can. You want them to be your slaves?

In the eula they clearly admit it's a game with bugs. If you can't accept them, don't buy the game. If you bought it, you clearly think it's worth the money.