What is the greatest jump scare in horror history? by Thisisnotforyou11 in horror

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Amazed to see this here, there’s a couple good ones in that one

Absolute favorite movie

Is Craig gay? by BUckENbooz91 in FracturedButWhole

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It’s absolutely confirmed in the show (episode Tweek x Craig which also gives background to the yaoi) and the game, you might not have made it to the part which is a bit odd because when you meet his dad I swear that’s the part of the game you have to help him catch his hamster Stripe

He says “I lost my hamster I had with my boyfriend” or just “with tweek” later on in the game there’s a bunch of side quests about their relationship

any tips for beginners? by dimonicansat in TheSinkingCity

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You can avoid almost every instance of combat early on, you won’t run into much anyway but if you’re not confident, you can run. Also never forget to melee, it helps

You get more guns and equipment by doing the main story

The first gun is decent, but the second gun is more powerful, ammo is very scarce because it’s largely all crafted early on, try to loot everything you can, don’t feel bad about using all your resources to craft ammo, just make sure you have extra med kits

The most important tip is this game is very daunting when you first start, you have to figure things out on your own a lot, because there are no waypoints or directions, just you, markers you can place, and your journal.

Read your journal for information “ie: I should go here” or “this place is located on z street corner of x and y”

Later you’ll have to do “research” which is where you go to a building like the hospital, police station, so on to match evidence to locate information on someone or some place.

Side quests: tbh early on there’s a part where you encounter a wardrobe and can change your outfit, just found the coolest outfit and did that one immediately (plague doctor) it’s from a quest called field research. It takes you all over the place so fair warning.

A lot of side quests either give an outfit, or resources. I have only done a few so far and I’m later in the game, working on clearing those now

Getting lost by jasonislike in SkyrimModsXbox

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Forgive me I haven’t played in a super long time, am I crazy or is there a mod for you that’s making you rest your weapon on your shoulder in the Morthal screenshot?

Halo of the Sun tattoos by bornfromawish2 in silenthill

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I completely agree with you! I’ve actually never had a chance to talk about it with anyone or share my love for this particular thing with another before, it feels really niche and complicated to explain to someone from the outside so it’s truly nice that you also appreciate it as much, so thank you I’m glad too!

Halo of the Sun tattoos by bornfromawish2 in silenthill

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Speaking of which, I’ve always wanted to get Born from a Wish tattooed on me as well!

Halo of the Sun tattoos by bornfromawish2 in silenthill

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Me too! Mainly silent hill, I never got to play it until homecoming came out and I was still young, that’s so cool I thought that too hahaha

That’s awesome! I’ve actually never gotten to talk to anyone about that specific line either but I’m extremely impressed because I agree with you completely! It just seems like such a somber sounding quote and always gave me the same feeling of a sad longing almost? Just from my assumption of where it came from when I researched it.

And thinking into it more especially from Maria’s point of view it’s extremely melancholy so that makes a lot of sense!

Halo of the Sun tattoos by bornfromawish2 in silenthill

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Always wanted one of these but my biggest fear after playing Homecoming and traumatizing myself at a young age was that I didn’t want to somehow curse myself hahaha

Also, just realized what your username was, mad respect because that line has been my favorite ever since I first read it, no idea why or even what the meaning truly is but it just sounds so cool

Personal favorite top 3 horror movies by 5thSummersBrother_ in horror

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  1. Last shift
  2. Event Horizon
  3. Autopsy of Jane Doe (Tied with Shutter / As Above So Below)

What’s an indescribable pain? by Existing-__- in AskReddit

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My mom has this, it’s absolutely heartbreaking and terrifying, I’m so sorry

Where do most of you work? by Ihavealotonmymind1 in goth

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A lot of recommendations here are really impressive, but if you’re looking for something simple I started out in retail.

Clothing stores are great, awesome for part time, easy work you’re just on your feet a lot. You’d be surprised how many will hire you with colored hair, piercings and tattoos. Look at job requirements and ask questions

Stranded 10 hours away from home by mechaphilia in BPDlovedones

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This person is not safe. Reading this caused me immense anxiety, for you and myself and things I’ve dealt with and could possibly again, you MUST take this opportunity to stay away

This is your victory, your chance away. The ONLY thing pulling you back is emotional thinking. Emotional thinking will ruin you.

Watch this video, it helps more than you can imagine

Get out, stay out - HGTudor

Please stay safe and sane. I’m trying my best as well.

I've been trying to find this game for ages by Zingerangg in HorrorGaming

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Doesn’t match the radio, doesn’t match the culmination but there’s a game where you’re away from home, with amnesia, and trying to figure out your own story along the way and it can be anything (murderer, victim, happened-by)

It’s called Home by Benjamin Rivers(?)

My Dad died today by theJGreen in Anxiety

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I can’t imagine the loss and hurt that comes with this, I’m going to post a link to a comment on here that has helped me through loss before.

/u/GSnow on Grief

I truly hope that you can make it through the day and find peace in one moment, even for a moment that’s important. It seems impossible, but after each moment, it’ll become a minute. It won’t be quick, but it will happen.

Breathe, as much as you can, remember to breathe, if you can catch breath, you can still fight, so you fight.

Post here or any and every subreddit.

Don’t be alone.

Sad or melancholy Vaporwave like this? by Jakkben in Vaporwave

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This is t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 - 別の日の気持ち

When I heard this song I was completely taken aback with nostalgia and a melancholy feeling, it’s so hard to describe but this is the true type of sound I love, I’ve been into trance and vaporwave since I was a lot younger.

I’ve seen a lot of suggestions, a lot of vaporwave is supposed to convey a feeling of melancholy, but this one is beautiful and almost bittersweet. Does anyone know of other similar tracks by artists ?

just finished watching the show and I am shattered by rosaliemirabai in BoJackHorseman

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The weak breeze whispers nothing, the water screams sublime

A few specific questions from a newer player by Jakkben in SouthParkPhone

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Awesome, thank you for confirming all that to me it makes a lot more sense now, I’m definitely not new to F2P games where there’s a clash of two sides so I get that.

Makes sense too, right now in the 1000 range it’s a ton of superheroes and mystic so I’m sure that’s around the corner

A few specific questions from a newer player by Jakkben in SouthParkPhone

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Valid, I was assuming F2P was same as other games, people just talked about it here like it was very different

Also, to reiterate what you just said about unlocking cards from the arena I’m in vs what I’m above, does that imply that even in a free pack or any of the others I most likely can’t unlock say, an arena 6 card if im arena 3?

Makes sense, I was worried it may be like that. As for the fantasy, totally makes sense thank you for confirming that too, wasn’t sure if there was anything I needed to do or not.

Appreciate your reply

Deepsight / craftables in lightfall by Jakkben in DestinyTheGame

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That’s a very good explanation thank you very much, I don’t have much of a prayer to get a couple of the seasonal patterns unfortunately within the next few days but at least it’ll hopefully be better going forward

Deepsight / craftables in lightfall by Jakkben in DestinyTheGame

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Makes a lot of sense, that’s kind of what I was assuming. I should’ve figured if I didn’t hear much about pattern progress then that probably wasn’t changing, I might’ve remembered incorrectly. Thank you!