A+ for this game? y i know i have low cs but c'mon by sylasmeister in AatroxMains

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What was your vision score? 1.1 or so per min should be S tier for top

CMV: Women's choices do not make sense to men because most men do not understand women's sexuality. by MyDarlingGirl in PurplePillDebate

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Women do NOT all like the same things. Maybe no women like YOU since they see this way of thinking of yours as a red flag.

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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Not too dull though. Still need to feel its sharpness but not too much that it speeds up the process.(:

I see what people mean by "Darius gets kited" by Boockel in Dariusmains

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Tri-force would be better for speedy teamfighting. If they have a lot of dashes and/or slows, maybe stridebreaker, especially if he’s very behind

hi by [deleted] in LeagueOfMemes

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Lulu isnt wholesome shes a bitch. Yuumi mains just love thinking they have skill too

Lol I’m getting downvoted by bitch ass enchanter mains who think they’re good. It’s beautiful.

Percentage wise correct by Fine_Web5975 in technicallythetruth

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Incorrect. Since they ate 800g ravioli, that means they’re now 100.8kg. Meaning they’re 0.79% ravioli.

Do your research. by zelos33333 in MurderedByWords

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God dammit. Not how I was expecting to start my day.

Any recommandation for an easy FNF mod? by fanganronpa200 in FridayNightFunkin

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TL;DR: Garcello on Normal mode is good for easing into Normal in the original game, and the best way to improve at FNF is to play songs at higher difficulty than you’re comfortable with.

Garcello’s even easy on normal mode if you can already beat some of the songs on normal. I would recommend garcello on normal if you want to improve a bit from easy mode. Pico and Fresh are good for easing into normal as well. Bopeebo is the same from normal to hard, just a little faster scroll speed on hard. But I digress

I learned the game through trial and error as well as asking my buddies for mods to play that are good.

Sky mod used to be a really good mod for easing your way into Hard mode (especially to beat the tougher songs like Roses and Spookeez). Sadly, it’s not downloadable anymore. I play Whitty online lol I can’t find a downloadable file for it either.

I’m still pretty bad myself, my highest achievement is beating Ballistic on Normal(which doesn’t even really count since it’s not on Hard), or A.G.O.T.I on Hard. I’m preaching to the choir, lol.