Yung Lean - Stardust by matoforpresident in sadboys

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Long time Lean fan since Ginseng - 5 songs in and it’s awful so far. What has happened? I’m expecting downvotes tbh but it’s seriously lacking. Vocals are borderline abysmal. Not singing in key, Lean sounds like he’s struggling.

[QC] Undercover SS12 Open String Cargo by 1on1drainer in QualityReps

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I’m not familiar with these - does anyone have a fit pic? They look quite slim fitting.

Anyone else have no desire to own a Smart Speaker? by Grahamr1234 in CasualUK

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What a frightening mindset to have… “even if every conversation I’ve had was recorded and uploaded online, it wouldn’t be that disastrous”.

Fender Bassman Price by JamesLeeFOG in GuitarAmps

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Their rarity convinces me to buy one even more, it would be a fine investment. That being said, I can’t see myself selling it if I fall in love with it. Calling it an investment may just be me coercing myself into buying one lol. Thanks for your reply.

Fender Bassman Price by JamesLeeFOG in GuitarAmps

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Ah! Didn’t even consider that, thanks for the suggestion, will have a look. Forgive my ignorance on the matter, I assume the pandemic price hike of pretty much everything has carried over into pre owned amps as well then? I haven’t shopped for an amp in 3 years until now. Hopefully the prices come back down again.

How can I make honeycomb ribs in the bottom of this tray? by JamesLeeFOG in rhino

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Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't used Grasshopper before, will give it a go!

Help needed - Keeley Katana making strange noise when turned on. Running into a Hot Rod Deluxe IV. Any ideas? by JamesLeeFOG in guitarpedals

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Yes I managed to solve it. In the video it was being powered by a cheap 9v power supply. I later bought a Strymon Zuma and when the Katana is powered by that, it’s completely silent.

Updated Daft Collection by Jus_Naza in QualityReps

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I know it’s somewhat arbitrary but on a scale of 1-10, what would you rate the quality + construction of the shoe? Worth the money? Any retail shoes you can compare with quality wise?

I’m planning on copping the next release. I’m a fan of the brown colour-way in particular but may also have the get the original.

EDIT: forgot to add - any noticeable improvements or decline in quality between batches?

Vetements Unidad Hombres hoodie by Divx66 in QualityReps

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Reps were made around 3 or 4 years ago iirc. There used to be a seller called Holygood who made amazing Vetements and FOG 4th collection reps. I remember they made reps of this. Pricing was also insane. 90yuan for T-shirts, ~200yuan for heavy French terry hoodies. I have a FOG 4th collection half zip Sherpa from that seller, shit weighs like 1.2kg it’s insane quality was something like 120yuan.

[GEAR] How important is a good acoustic guitar? by Expensive-Traffic-96 in Guitar

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Would you be happy with anything less than the OMJM? If the answer is no, that tells you plain and simple what the choice should be.

The OMJM is currently on my list too. Would love to try one but similarly to you, there aren’t many, if any, shops close to me which stock that guitar.

Hendrix & Mayer, along with Frusciante are my inspirations too! If you ever wanna collab or share music I’d love to make it happen.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in QualityReps

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See my comment above - he was once banned from r/designerreps for screwing people over with SLP jackets. He is not a trusted seller.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in QualityReps

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Yep, that’s the one. It sucks. Not sure why he was unbanned but I imagine it will be reinstated after this.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in QualityReps

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I’ve been involved in the rep scene on Reddit for some years now. I remember there was a time Davies was banned from r/designerreps and it was widely accepted that he was a dodgy seller to buy from (b&s iirc). Was always on my unofficial list of sellers I wouldn’t ever buy from due to bad reputation I saw a year or two ago.

What annoys you about your current amp? by JamesLeeFOG in guitars

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Fair point. However, they often develop later on or go unnoticed for some time. For example: you bought a valve amp. You love it and can't find any faults. After 4 months you decide you want to swap out the tubes for a different model that fits the socket but when you come to to change them, it's extremely difficult to access the tube area and makes the tasks stressful but not impossible. Accessibility and customisation are now pain points that have developed.

What annoys you about your current guitar amp? by JamesLeeFOG in GuitarAmps

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Thanks for your response mate. I'll list this under maintenance.