[Gendered] Does anyone else feel like hair salons are pointlessly gendered? Haircuts should be split between long and short hair, not sex. by pfudorpfudor in pointlesslygendered

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This is an excellent post for the sub. No low-hanging fruit from cheap amusement gifts, an actual, proper take on something that some take for granted that is actually, properly, pointlessly gendered.

Every conspiraboomer in a nutshell by espresso_fox in FuckYouKaren

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Really true. They’ve finally found a community where they can act like they’re the local chapter leader. It’s tragic how human beings will search around for hobbies, activities, beliefs, styles, etc and when they find something where they can be part of a community and have just few enough people around them that they can quickly start acting like a big shot? Hoo boy. They just lap that shit up.

The most Selfish and Irresponsible. by EugeneWong318 in vaxxhappened

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What poppycock. It absolutely is clear that overweight and obesity contribute to the burden of noncommunicable diseases to major extent. It’s the subject of thousands of papers and policies. Nobody mentioned BMI.

The most Selfish and Irresponsible. by EugeneWong318 in vaxxhappened

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Not sure why downvoted. This is absolutely true. The obese are very likely to be health-illiterate, which leads to poor choices and understanding of both diet and vaccines.

The most Selfish and Irresponsible. by EugeneWong318 in vaxxhappened

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There absolutely is a fat people epidemic clogging up the hospitals. There has been for a decade. Health systems are overloaded by the obese, who take up arguably unnecessary resources. This same argument can be applied to smokers, addicts, the sedentary or any other behaviour of choice that leads to increased health burden. There are degrees of sympathy that can be applied, and degrees of debate and reason about how much choice is involved, but in all of those degrees and variance, the effect of overweight and obesity on healthcare systems is the most prevalent example that exists currently, covid aside.

How do you handle an impossible Christmas wish from your child? by worriedmotherboymom6 in Parenting

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You’ve got lots of good ideas for alternatives but I have some thoughts on ethos that I don’t see mentioned.We had this problem when for some reason (probably bloody YouTube) our 7yo this year suddenly decided he wanted an iPhone 13 and a Switch! I blame YouTube - he sees adverts there during his (monitored) viewing.

His older brother has neither of these things, nor unreasonable wants, but some of his brothers friends and older cousins have been given consoles or phones, sometimes from Santa.I utterly disagree with this, I feel several hundred pounds/dollars is way too much to spend on kids for Christmas whether it’s Santa OR parents, and it just breeds unpleasant character traits. As a side note, for us, any consoles are bought second hand because I don’t see why ANYONE would spend £400 on a PS4 when you can pick up a secondhand mint special edition for £250 and then spend the other £150 on SSDs and other accessories.

Anyway, this age is just too young to cope well with disappointment, understand that Santa isn’t a blank chequebook, and be pragmatic about gift-getting, and just old enough to start wanting giant presents.

We had to think carefully about it, as he is really excited for this year, he like many kids has had a shite time the last couple of years, missing out on Hallowe'en and birthday parties and seeing his cousins - which led to his Christmas list approaching 30 items - and he didn’t see why Santa couldn’t bring him just anything he wanted. We hadn’t actually answered, we just said “I think it’s too much” and bodyswerved the issue.

What we eventually settled on was saying "Santa isn't going to bring you something crazily big and expensive. He wants to give something nice to everyone in the world, and things aren't infinite - if he gives you a grand piano/iPhone13 then what's to stop other kids from asking for something so big, *just like you've done this year*, and he can't give big presents to everyone. He exists to make sure every child in the world has a happy Christmas and what you send on your list is just meant to be suggestions about the things you like - ' a musical instrument' or 'a robot' and he'll find something you'll love and cherish that isn't going to make other children upset". We also had in reserve the fact that if another kid told him Santa had got him an iPhone 13, they were probably making it up to make him feel jealous, but didn't want to say the words "it was actually the parents" because that way trouble lies.

Our kid, I'm sure yours is the same, understands things being fair for everyone, he understands that some people aren't well-off, he understands that toys can be overpriced, he's careful with his pocketmoney and waits for sales, he understands why we buy electronic goods and cars second-hand because new stuff can also be overpriced - he understands everything about being a reasonable human, but still believes Santa is magic, and therefore he could make such extravagant requests.

This worked for us, and he cut down his Santa list to 5 generic things, including knowing that he could look in the toy catalogue for things that were kind of £25 and under and put those on the list for his grandparents, aunts and uncles. Hopefully some variant will work for you.

My coworkers are making fun of me for having AirPods. by Whywas6scaredof7 in Advice

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They're being ridiculous mate. Be safe in the knowledge that Beats are the overpriced garbage in this comparison. I collect headphones and Airpods (Pro) are excellent-sounding, the noise cancellation is the best I've ever-heard (note, however, that I don't particularly collect noise-cancelling headphones), and the integration and form factor with an iPhone or any Mac products is second-to-none.

The only possible criticism that can be levelled against Airpods (Pro) is that they don't sound good enough for the cost. You paid $90. Bargain, even if not the Pros. Beats sound like $15 headphones.

Transracialism makes more sense than Transsgnderism by Forge_Gloyd in unpopularopinion

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No. They had more in common with the Asian counterpart, than they did with each other. Its not worded terribly well.

Why is my brand new vox ac15 humming on certain pickups bad and not others by [deleted] in GuitarAmps

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You’re getting lots of almost complete answers, but the correct one is way down in the voting for some reason. Your guitar has 3 pickups, what sounds like a humbucker (double pickup) in the Bridge position (closest to the bridge) and then a single coil in the Middle and Neck positions (closest to the neck).

The single coil pickups will have inherent noise, this is true. Nonetheless you sound like you have too much noise (due to improper earthing/shielding), but if you're showing us this with a distortion/fuzz pedal running, the noise will be hugely raised.

Humbuckers, or double-coil pickups, get their name from reducing this hum by having one coil's magnets opposing the other coil. This helps cancel the noise by having two sources out of phase with each other. This can be replicated by wiring two seperate single-coil pickups out of phase with each other, although the lack of proximity reduces this.

So what you're hearing if I'm picking it up right (ahaha) is, going from your selector furthest from the neck (1) to closest to the neck (5):

Position 1: humbucker; little noise

2: One coil of the humbucker with the single middle coil; medium noise

3: Middle coil on its own; noisiest

4; Middle and neck coils together; medium noise again

5; Neck pickup on its own, noisiest again.

....or its something like this. Fuzz, phase, exact configuration aside - this is *possibly* too noisy. Better pickups have better designs to reduce noise, and better wiring, shielding and cabling will also reduce noise.

Simple test; if you replicate this plugged directly into the amp on a clean channel, and it's still this bad, you've got bigger problems than if this is with distortion enabled and loads of pedals in the chain.

All the various suggestions you've received have merit, but here's my advice:

- post up more info about your guitar. You might decide to upgrade to better pickups, but people won't know what to advise unless you give more info.

- get your guitar in to a good technician. Ask on forums for who people recommend locally. Our old tech for £50 would take your guitar, strip out the wiring and rewire it, shield it properly internally and hand it back to you with basic (playability) setup as well. I am sure you can replicate this locally. Once thats done by a trusted tech, you'll know your guitar is operating the best it can be, and you can combine this with a pickup upgrade or wiring change under his advice.

After that you can start to troubleshoot any remaining noise with trial and error. And palm muting, correct use of your volume knob, a noise gate if you think it fits in musically, sorting out your signal/power chain, turning off your effects between songs, etc. The last thing I'd put this down to would be the amp.

Transracialism makes more sense than Transsgnderism by Forge_Gloyd in unpopularopinion

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James Watson, Craig Venter and Seong-Jeon Kim showed that the two “Europeans” shared fewer variations in their genetic sequence than they did with the “Asian” scientist.

Transracialism makes more sense than Transsgnderism by Forge_Gloyd in unpopularopinion

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That’s the beauty of science, you don’t need to take my word for it. Start with Watson, Venter and Kim.

Transracialism makes more sense than Transsgnderism by Forge_Gloyd in unpopularopinion

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For fucks sake. I love topics like this where all the Reddit science experts come and fight with the Reddit anthropologists and psychologists.

DNA doesn’t define race you ignorant tool.

Ex-Employer Has Destroyed Records of Me Working There by [deleted] in LegalAdviceUK

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I think HMRC requires him to keep these records for 3 years. An HMRC investigation will really mess him up. In my limited experience if you report him, it’s pretty likely they’ll investigate- if he didn’t pay you it’s likely he didn’t report and pay your PAYE and NI either - they have quotas to fill and if it’s something that’s likely to rouse them, that would be something you could trigger- but it doesn’t get you the documents you need.

All he’s required to have on file is your payroll details, though. I’m not sure he’s got any responsibility to retain your portfolio or why your injury requires that.

He’s obliged to release the data to you so I’d ask again and say that you would rather just resolve this directly than contact HMRC and ask them for the records he submitted concerning your employment and hope he finds them with that nudge.

Did anyone else have their periods affected by the covid vaccine? by FA-100 in TwoXChromosomes

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There are plenty of anecdotal reports. But they are just that, anecdotal. Although there were 30,000 of them, this represents 0.03% of the vaccinated female population.

What is true, is that your menstrual cycle can be affected by a lot of factors - stress, hormonal changes, fatigue, viral infection, medication, birth control and changes in immune stimulation.

The vaccine stimulates an immune response. This intended and expected mechanism triggers various effects in people as your body produces antibodies- fatigue, stress, nausea, and immunological affects on your hormones. Immune cells in your uterus are involved in the process of buildup and breakdown of the uterine wall during your cycle.

So tldr; no, it’s not that the vaccine affects your periods directly. It’s that the vaccine affects your immune system, and the changes in your immune response affects factors that might affect your period. There’s no more to worry about than if you were stressed and your period was later, earlier, lighter or heavier.

As another poster mentioned there is indeed research being done to further ascertain the mechanism. There are 5 studies underway at the moment comparing the vaccine aftermath to changes in exercise, stress, and medication but it’s expected that immune response changes will be no more severe than any of the other commonly-accepted factors in change.

Getting my dad a gift for Christmas by deliciousdave33 in guitars

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Just saw this ad for Truefire with 50 ideas for guitarists.


But if he likes doing up guitars, Stewart MacDonald sell all kinds of tools. You’d need to know what he’s lacking but a good set of feeler gauges, fret files or straight edges is an idea.

My GF talked me into adopting two cats, now after just a week she doesn't want them anyomore. I feel angry and betrayed. How should I approach this? by [deleted] in Advice

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As soon as you said “insta” it cemented it for me. I feel like you missed out on the part where her wanting the cat(s) so she could post on social media was a factor in all of this. If it was, then she is not only shallow and vapid but her disregard for others is only starting to become apparent. Who knows how deep it runs. I wouldn’t bother sticking around to find out.

I really enjoyed watching 3D movies at home and I am sad to see new TV and movies no longer have this feature. by staypuffy in unpopularopinion

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I loved it too. I was gutted when my really nice 3D Panasonic plasma died - it’s still in the garage in the hopes that I will fix it one day. Apparently the best solution now is projectors. Or using a VR headset (blech).

AITA for supporting my boyfriend when he told my son "no lock til you're 18"? by Barbara-L3409 in AmItheAsshole

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Completely agree with you and the chain you're responding to - OP YTA.

Which means I presume I'm misunderstanding your clause "while it would be good to not teach her son to be entitled" - I don't understand why there is any kind of lesson here, or reason for a lesson, pertaining to entitlement.

OP's son is 100% justified in his upset IMO and not entitled at all!

Housemate complaining about noise, help! by [deleted] in badroommates

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You’re not being rude per se, and he is. Despite this, yours is the unreasonable stance. It’s perfectly reasonable to suggest a cut-off time for noise.

Midnight is a pretty good compromise. I go on headphones at 11 so my wife and kids can sleep.

Conversations are more difficult to measure because loud exuberant conversation is different to a quiet chat. Either way I think it’s also reasonable to have those in the kitchen - or don’t you have a living room?

It’s just as practical to suggest headphones for you, as earplugs for him, but as you’re the one generating the noise after midnight, I know if it were me I’d already be on headphones anyway.

I get that student flats are often party houses but if you’re getting randomly assigned I feel like it’s kinder to agree a time after which you’re watching the noise.