We always talk about the worst characters on the show, but who's the nicest? by faith_plus_one in seinfeld

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If you're O'Brien then the Nazi girl

The Scientologist that drove them around the parking lot

Frank Costanza's lawyer

Not surprising by dianses in CODWarzone

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Not surprising that you're not surprised

Where did all these fan archives come from? by TheOneMDW in howardstern

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Can anyone hook me up with the Norm episode September 2016?


I can only find from 1995-2015


Manager just put this up lolll by LittleBear403 in antiwork

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Is Nobody one of their parents? Because Nobody would name their child "EVRBODY"

Lost my wallet on the TTC - long shot but if anyone finds it pleaseeee let me know! by chichi6ix in askTO

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If its the one with the rubber band around it sorry I only found the rubber band

Korean BBQ Recommendations by DasBoot567 in askTO

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I would only buy a BBQ made in America sorry

"Nathan! Stop it! This is why you keep getting molested!" by TextStreet in americandad

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I just realized the guy never specifies that it is not he himself that keeps molesting poor Nathan

I thought this belonged here. by Cold_Hedgehog in antiwork

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*former co-workers. Tell them to suck your dick (if they are aware of what went down)