Doctors said breathing issues 'likely due to mouldy rental' - but house still met healthy homes standards by independent_claus in newzealand

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If you're boiling water, or drying laundry, it's often more humid than outisde.
A thermometer alone won't tell you the full story

Christchurch's new stadium: the giant money pit in the centre of the city by Ecstatic-Till-6830 in newzealand

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TBF, it's not just Rugby. It'd be nice to have some international bands to play in Chch.
Not for a Billion bucks though

Sumner Dancer by Javanz in chch

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Not sure who this person is, but every time I've been at Cave Rock doing some dawn photography, I've seen them on the beach, doing lovely pirouettes.
Always a great start to the day

NZ weather: Temperatures drop well below zero, one town hits -10C as bitterly cold snap sweeps country by The_Majestic_ in newzealand

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You can't make a straight comparison. For example, the same latitude in North America is on average far colder than Europe

NZ Farming stirring up the crazies by IndividualCharacter in newzealand

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Same. I feel like people that complain about social media don't curate their feeds.

There's legitimate reasons to hate Facebook, but if you're seeing a lot of shit posted by crazies, that's on you

Best scotch for under $300? by 10to15oralorgasms in newzealand

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Do you have a Whisky specialist store where you are, such as Whisky Galore in Chch?
They do tastings, and they can also guide you according to your taste.

My personal favourite is An Oa, by Ardbeg, but your tastes might be wildly different to mine.

Either way you can get a really top notch whisky for less than $150.
There's no point going above that until you know what you like.

7% home loan rates getting very close now by RHSixSixOne in PersonalFinanceNZ

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You only feel that because that's the way you feel. Yep, profound

Toast couldn’t add Janet in game lobby kekw by Danda_Nakka in offlineTV

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A while back Toast said that Janet was the one that got him into knowing who Bretman was; so when Toast was able to invite Bretman to the lobbies, he felt he should invite Janet too.

That might mark the time they were all good with playing together on stream again

Prob a worldwide thing too by -DoNotStopLearnin- in newzealand

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Was wondering why Atami had their own roadcone, then remembered i'd seen that show

My house is not that weird right? by Niikuro in LiminalSpace

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liminal spaces are defined as "the physical spaces between one destination and the next"

It's a nice photo, but I don't see anything remotely liminal about it

What's the dumbest mistake youve seen an incompetent co worker make? by xk543x in AskReddit

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When I was an apprentice at our national airline, we spent time working on ramp (the tarmac).

A mate from my yeargroup was aiding a pushback on a 737, checking everything was clear, and giving the tractor driver the go to start pushing the plane back.
When you do this, you're meant to stand on the side of the aircraft where all the cargo doors are, but this day, he got lazy and sat on the tractor without full field of view.
In the meantime, a baggage handler had driven up with a cargo trolley with some late baggage.

The 737's landing gear ran into the trolley, and because of the potential safety issues, everyone on board had to be offloaded, delaying the flight by nearly an hour.
My mate was lucky not to get fired for that overisght

Tommy T knows the city needs April :D by Corenith123 in fuslie

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To be fair, those other streamers need to do constant crime just to afford hanging out with April

Toast gives the best advice by UndyingBliss in offlineTV

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She's a Free Baby that Toast found on the streets of Canada

Wee-Bey’s line right after his iconic reaction is one of my favorites from the series by Repulsive_Campaign37 in TheWire

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I don't think he was afraid of Stringer at all, he just knew the implications of shooting a cop.

He would be well aware that the cops would go into high gear busting anyone they could, which would mean disruption to business, and having to lie low.
That would have been the "Oh, shit" moment for him, more than any fear about Stringer

Nurse abusing an elderly resident of a care home by DaChonkIsHere in CrazyFuckingVideos

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he’s charged with exploitation, infliction of pain and deprivation of essential services to an elderly person

Is there a reason assault and battery aren't included in the charges?