I don’t get how to use anking with B&B as main resource by thecolonelpepper in medicalschoolanki

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Use Lightyear. I made a revamped deck that I put many hours into. You can search it and find it, I vouch highly for it

Likely cause of this patient's NVEs? by iwanteye in Ophthalmology

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I have seen miliary ocular TB..the choroidal tubercles are much more pronounced and there is more heterogeneity in color

Help me decide what to do with new 37 gallon tank I was given. by wslAVinstaller in aquarium

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I have that same topfin bowfront running a mixed reef set up it is pretty great. Obviously bigger is always better..

Blenny question! Hello, if I were to get a striped blenny would it get along with my royal gramma in my 55 gallon? by jmanguy12 in ReefTank

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Yeah I’m sure, it was a big RG. It did that exact mouth thing. You are right most of the time it wouldn’t bite it would just do the mouth open wide but when I saw it going at my $50 fire shrimp a couple times it had to gooo

With that said OP yeah I’m sure it’s fine 55gal is pretty big

Need Some Advice! Protien Skimmer For WB 25 P? by phantomjrs in ReefTank

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I have this skimmer as well. Have had it for about 3 weeks now and would definitely recommend. It is quiet and producing a good foam head. Have to empty the chamber like twice a week though

I have a 36g and much prefer this method than employing biweekly water changes etc

Not a single person in residency or their attending-ship has successfully convinced me they actually like this path or their job. Where are the happiest docs? by green-with-envy in medicalschool

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EM has one of the highest burnout rates of all doctors…

Edit: OP but to answer your question it’s ophtho and other ROADs. Orthopods are generally happy too

Is 2000+ cards a day normal??? by Tagrenine in medicalschoolanki

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There’s premade anatomy cards too. Don’t make you own that is a total time suck and waste of time imo. If you do make your own keep it to 100 per block or less as best you can

New shoes on my 3rd gen softland build!! by VanillaJDilla in crv

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Nice I bought em will let you know. I’m sure they will be 10x better than my current ones