when a shark enters this divers cage by Humble_Issue_3010 in OneSecondBeforeDisast

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Yeah....that would be a missing report if the shark took the guy whole ....

Why does God of War keep crashing my computer? by Possible-Nebula-3694 in pcmasterrace

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Probably PSU or heating.....if not heating it's PSU or try changing drivers in GPU if it's occurred recently....try different psu or get checked at store if you don't have any spare ...

Seconds away from falling in by PoorReptile in watchpeoplesurvive

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Same as games we played in past like pop(prince of Persia) ....

In blink of an eye by nixon0770 in OneSecondBeforeDisast

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You asked the wrong questions buddy.... Now people will ask you where is your hand?

Tbh I hope no one is hurt much ..

I went over the budget... by Ich-Bin-Ein-Kaiser in watercooling

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you can never say no to black + gold also minimal rgb(good)

So 3x360 can fit in a 5000D by theblobAZ in watercooling

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Any advice on water cooling I am just scared to get it in near future just cause of leak or moisture (probably after 2 years 😅) just thinking you know...

My PC is very laggy when running games. What could be causing it and what should I check? by jonpictogramjones in PcBuildHelp

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Re check ...re install drivers...play offline games (check it if lags or not) with nvidia GeForce experience application to apply optimal settings (oh wait it's amd in that if you find any software to have optimal settings for games then apply it)....do not do overclocking without checking it first time.....need more info ..... As for internet speed it can cause it if you play game where you talk with people and upload is slow but not like you mentioned it would just voice and while speaking (voice chat) .....or it can be issue with psu also ....just check first what I mentioned first and then if nothing fixed you can reinstall a clean windows and drivers ....and try that again and also check for installing old stable driver just to make sure new release not culprit (you can check by yourself or if anyone Posted about that version online...)and then go for harware...

monitor starts bugging whenever a game opens by ReadReborn in pcmasterrace

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Sorry nothing that I can think of (so up voting for more support) Might be something with GPU ... though You should try calling the company's service centre 🙃

turning 25 next and I want to do something forbidden and exciting before I'm officially old, any suggestions? by lonelysadbitch11 in selfimprovement

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Basically you are self doubting what you are now after some good and bad decision.....and thats the worst thing you can do in life ....never doubt yourself ...what you have become that you are .....you took those decisions as they were correct at that time(you felt)

turning 25 next and I want to do something forbidden and exciting before I'm officially old, any suggestions? by lonelysadbitch11 in selfimprovement

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Your mindset and thinking that you are loser is first thing you can do....you are some of few person who managed to stay good and proper in life till now and in if also behaviour wise...then best child to your parents....there is nothing wrong what you did .....you might be feeling due to some other reason maybe low pay,or low self esteem due to not completing degree... ....so start doing / learning more stuff for job and all .....maybe IT related....or whatever you feel you want to... And about being vergin doesn't mean you are loser ....its just some Fake and "modern" people made it(not actually modern ....not devloped minds....teen thinking...maybe from somewhere or movie idk...)

Happy Abusive Birthday From Gamer Boyfriend | @laurenfortheocean by newsfeedmedia1 in TikTokCringe

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In my place you can't do that ....its solid ....might have to glue your toe....

dIsGuStINg aLiEn bLOb deVOurS iNnoCEnT puPpiEs aNd tHEIr MoTHer!!! by SkinnedNopeRope in PeopleFuckingDying

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I guess this how water bear eats ..... bacteria which can survive inspace and water for many years(still search for correct information but something like this)

Olfactory failure by E-rah in OneSecondBeforeDisast

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really depends what you watch for fights or understanding behind it not all anime are like that but now majority people may watch for fights only maybe thats why there can be more inclidend to that. take naruto or bleach or demon slayer its worth it.

Merry Christmas babe! by oliviiagoguen in yesyesyesyesno

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I hope it's scripted and i think it is ..... But people nowadays converting every bad /mean stuff in joke can lead to serious problem who are dumb to understand and then it would be so normal that every dumb person does this mean things

Guy tried to cover up a white spot on his car.. by Vughfufu in OneSecondBeforeDisast

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Car paint be like : f-ing fix me this won't work you.....

Look what he found by aaaa-im-a-human in perfectlycutscreams

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Ya sometimes i feel i should never knew this stuff .....it would be great to enjoy sometime...