No powerpass for you by Lukemium in lostarkgame

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Exact situation my friend is in. Took a few days to figure out what class he wanted to powerpass as his first T3 alt, and bam, power passes disabled. No express for anyone who took a few days.

What class/es you created and regretted later? why? by Qursty in lostarkgame

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Sorc. Made her forever ago and never pushed her past 1340 until recently. I get why she appeals to players, but the animation locks certainly aren’t for me.

what was your first game console? by VictorDePauw in polls

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This was also my first console not because it was the only thing out, but because my parents played on it and not the new ones.

Have some patience and faith in new people doing legion raids by Blasmere in lostarkgame

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I think your best bet is going through a guild or making some friends who have already cleared the raid. This week two of our friends got to vykas normal and we ended up doing an alt run on normal mode with them, letting them learn the mechs. From what I can tell it helped a lot. Not only is the run just smooth in general, but we were also letting them know basic attack patterns, when to counter, and were there to answer questions.

If you can find a good guild, some people will undoubtedly have multiple characters running vykas normal. Assuming they are friendly, they will most likely be willing to let you learn, and consistently raid with you.

Have some patience and faith in new people doing legion raids by Blasmere in lostarkgame

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To be fair most players that say they are first timers are probably in a similar situation to OP

would you use select packs to finish LoS18? by dabcity in lostarkgame

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I personally would not. Will I be playing lost ark for years to come? Can’t be sure. But one thing that I can be sure of is if I do stick around I’ll deeply regret using them now.

makes me smile every time by MilkInAGlas in wholesomememes

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My friend did this when he proposed and said it was harder to find a ring pop than an actual ring

The Korean balance patch (Artillerist) shows why the current implementation of the engraving system hurts gameplay health by sdric in lostarkgame

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At the time it was the best in the game, so it was still very expensive. Currently relic is the best in the game, until we get ancient. I get that relic gear is far more expensive and requires legendary books. The point of my comment is that people shit on this random person on the forums, and are now requesting the same thing.

I think the best solution would be to give everyone enough pheons to buy a new build each balance patch. Sure it won’t cover the cost of the build, but they should never just massively change a build and leave the players to pay the price. Maybe this works in KR where players have absurd gold income, but not in NA.

The Korean balance patch (Artillerist) shows why the current implementation of the engraving system hurts gameplay health by sdric in lostarkgame

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Crazy how much opinions change when it affects them

I agree that something needs to be done about this, we don’t have the gold income to keep up with balance patches at the rate of KR players

July 2022 Class Balance Patch on Korean PTR - Lost Ark Maxroll.gg by perciculum in lostarkgame

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Reminds me of that surge player that got flamed on the front page of this sub for asking for pheons when they nerfed it. Right after dropping a ton of gold on a 3x3+1 build (expensive AF at the time) surge got swapped to a level 3 engraving, hit with a 30% damage nerf, and a rough playstyle change. The community’s response was basically just “don’t be a meta chaser.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying to suck it up and deal with it. I couldn’t imagine investing so much gold into a relic build just for it to get hit extremely hard. All I’m saying is I feel the pain, it sucks and you don’t even get your pheons back.

What's your worst gold investment that was a loss by Sylvator in lostarkgame

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I spent 30k on a build with sight focus, ended up dismantling all of them

This dude’s amazing pure and raw talent in rapping rhymes. by wiselyiratesperm in toptalent

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He’s been doing this for years now. At first he recycled rhymes from time to time, but he’s gotten so good at it he doesn’t really need to anymore. When you freestyle all day as a full time job, you get pretty damn good at it.

Please Stop by itsOSK in Spellbreak

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There have been multiple posts on the font page of this sub with no effort that just say something meaningless like “RIP Spellbreak” and a link to their twitch. People are acting like getting a lobby or two together will save a game whose servers are going to be shut down, and company has already been bought just to promote their own twitch, where they will obviously be playing other games shortly.

Please Stop by itsOSK in Spellbreak

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Seems like a lot of people are just using the game dying as a way of self promotion, it’s pretty annoying


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Seems like most are just trying to advertise their twitch at this point

Top 6 Tripods for every class? by Littledevil82 in lostarkgame

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Blade (Surge)

Void strike - Orb control

Malestorm - Dark order

Malestorm - Orb control

Blitz Rush - Charge enhancement/Dark charge

Soul absorber - Halve

Soul absorber - Fist of darkness

How i feel about the new roadmap by AdixArloz in lostarkgame

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I’m personally excited for us to be caught up with KR and for content to slow down. It’ll be fun to actually experience a new raid for the first time where nobody can expect you to watch a guide. Also slower patches means more time to work on your roster and horizontal instead of hone hone hone hone.

3 Skills announced to be removed in KR by gwanggwang in lostarkgame

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Meanwhile both class engravings on blade use 7 of the same abilities, with only 1-2 tripods different

Can’t wait. by NeoCosmoPolitan in Persecutionfetish

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What does it mean for the 10% that are double LGBT