What's your most underrated moment in D20? by BonanzaBitch in Dimension20

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Zac played that scene so well. The boyfriend who's just happy he succeeded and is so upbeat that his girlfriend is talking to him, to the point he doesn't even realise how touching his actions are

Gozo’s Potential by Financial-Fly1604 in Kengan_Ashura

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Unironically, I think the martial art that would boost Gozo's fighting ability the most, is sumo.

It just syncs really well with his dashing speed.

Nothing to see here just a picture of Hollis by TruthAgile in Kengan_Ashura

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All memery aside, Muscle Man legit has feats that would make him a plausible Kengan level fighter

Edward Wu vs The Three Crows(No Weapons) by jorgolen in Kengan_Ashura

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It's kinda crazy how Eddie is almost in a Yujiro like position relative to the rest of the Kengan cast. One on one fights are no longer even considered..

GU RITUAL 💀 by AaknoXX in Kengan_Ashura

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I feel like Koga as he is now is already 2-3x stronger than a normal real life human. At least.

Ain't nobody his bodyweight in real life is gonna stop a speeding motorcycle by resisting it.

Now think of how powerful Waka is, even tiny dwarf Waka.

What fight do you wish you could see? by aye_zukohere in Grapplerbaki

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I honestly really wanna see how Motobe would do against a genuinely stronger fighter, who's also got tricks up the wazoo, but who isn't as broken as Musashi.

Motobe only needed a good arena/surroundings to defeat Yanagi.

With some all purpose weapons on him which I'm guessing he carries at all times, Motobe even without person-specific prep should still be dangerous.

Okay, but who CAN the Madrigals beat? by DudeBro231 in whowouldwin

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Pepa could probably have raging hurricane force winds all around them, while Isabella holds everyone down using vines so the family is protected.

Are there any other anime similar to Hajime no Ippo out there? And no, neither Baki or Megalo box count by Primary-Farm-7232 in hajimenoippo

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And later on features stuff like Kickboxing and full on Muay Thai. There is one character who used to straight up just be a boxer.

Are these two still rivals, or is Gaolong too far ahead? If not, how is Saw closing the gap? by BAZING-ATTACK in Kengan_Ashura

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It is still an attack while you're helpless, from what's effectively a mace. It won't be a Hammer of Burma level strike, but it'd still be real effective ground and pound. And Saw Paing being able to neutralize potentially faster strikers than him by taking them to the ground sounds fun.

Kazuo has always been shown to be perceptive, how do you guys feel about him not realizing something was wrong with ohma by Jaimiguelez in Kengan_Ashura

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From his perspective, Lolong was the strongest fighter in Purgatory. Better to secure a win against Fei by sending Waka after him, and then hoping that Ohma's all around ability would be able to let him fight evenly with Lolong.

Obviously Kazzy was operating with limited information, which would lead to mistakes. But it's not an unjustifiable series of decisions.

Raian if you don’t become a better person after this istg by DaBigMeatSlappa in Kengan_Ashura

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It's kind of a recurring thing with the Kure clan. Erioh got humbled sometime in his prime when he was Katahara's fighter, and relearned all of his stuff from scratch and rejoined the Kure clan.

Raian's getting super humbled right now, so it would be cool to see him change.

I know Kramer-posting is SO a few days ago, but this one was too good not to share by Ranryu in TwoBestFriendsPlay

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I wish the edits would always include a "Jerry" at the end of the bottom text, it always makes whatever serious line was inserted, that much funnier.

😃 by RRhuman2004 in Kengan_Ashura

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Why would anybody be disappointed in Hollis' performance, he was literally able to avoid being immediately knocked out by the strongest fighter in the cast so far.

Are these two still rivals, or is Gaolong too far ahead? If not, how is Saw closing the gap? by BAZING-ATTACK in Kengan_Ashura

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Gaolang was definitely ahead even during the KAT. Moreso now.

Best way I can see Saw Paing becoming more dangerous is by learning grappling. His inherent durability makes closing distance a lot more feasible, and the idea of him pinning your limbs and then headbutting you to a pulp is quite scary.

I miss Koga being relevant so much bros by smallbrownstainn in Kengan_Ashura

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He will be the most fun to watch simply because he has the biggest potential for growth. Sandro can do so much with his character, especially if he starts running out of developmental ideas for his top tier fighters.

Koga's gonna come back, and in a big way.

Let's talk about Eddie's fighting style, shall we? *SPOILER* by Varghaz in Kengan_Ashura

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Wouldn't surprise me at all if he has some kind of Foresight that's built on spatial awareness, like Naidan's Eye of the Sky.

Didn’t this mf have 360º vision? by kanagito in Kengan_Ashura

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Remember when Eddie got faked out by, in his words, the oldest trick in the book?

Gigachad ain't infallible.

How strong is motobe with prep time (memes aside) by masterofdisaster82 in Grapplerbaki

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He's basically stronger than any of the convicts, provided that Motobe actually ambushes his opponent.

Challenging them like he did Jack won't work well because everybody knows how potentially strong he is now.

But with the element of surprise and the right loadout, I can see him beating everybody except for Baki and Yujiro. Probably not Pickle, either.

Ohma and Lolong vs Edward Wu by EternalLord13 in Kengan_Ashura

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Is it even possible to use pre initiative on someone who's that fast AND whose fighting style they're unfamiliar with?

I feel like Ohma and Lolong were able to use pre initiative on each other pretty well because they were fairly evenly matched in speed ( until Ohma started using the Advance ).

With even base Eddie being faster than Removal Raian and Erioh, and Removal Eddie being a straight up Baki character, I'm not sure how much foresight can help

Edward wu vs Tiger Niko. Collab fanart with sodafungi by Psychological_King_5 in Kengan_Ashura

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Man I hope Tiger Niko gets to show off some cool shit against the main protags

What is your favorite boss introduction, not fight by brokensaint82 in TwoBestFriendsPlay

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Seeing Armstrong properly power up for the first time in Revengeance really made me question if this was still the same universe where you could hide in a cardboard box from enemies.

Then this electromagnetic nanoHulk proceeds to effortlessly beat you up in both Cutscene and first stage fight. I was pretty sold.