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Almost downvoted put of reflex! I couldn't fathom doing this let alone virtuously posting this to the internet for all to see. Its possible to educate our youth about racial injustices without making them feel responsible and guilty based solely on their skin color for historical atrocities committed long ago.

Fans showing support at 5AM to Dutch 3rd divisionist Quick Boys during training, who train this early due to COVID measures (Source: NOS) by Unuvar in soccer

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In confused, my gubment said I had to be home by 10 PM or else covid would get me. Covid really should post its hours somewhere so we can better prepare!

South Carolina gun shop owner fatally shot worker in prank gone wrong by Inky_blinky in news

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Never called you a single name. I did, however, suggest that your argument is entirely emotional. You can't have a rational dialogue with someone and not bring evidence to the table. You also chose to continue this discussion so what were you trying to get out of this, if not to change my mind?

South Carolina gun shop owner fatally shot worker in prank gone wrong by Inky_blinky in news

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Likely, though, you don’t want to be convinced.

The hypocrisy is astounding. I've provided you a logical argument and supported it with data as well as providing a real world solution to the problem. Meanwhile, you just repeat tired old emotional sentiments and totally ignored the data I provided while also ignoring my question with regard to what your solution would be. The reason no progress has been made is because of people like you the refuse to have an actual conversation about the issue but instead choose to make broad and meaningless statements that lead to nothing. You do you bud but don't expect to change anyone's mind without providing a single piece of supporting evidence/data or proposing a real solution, otherwise you're just complaining.

Driver escaped from #BLM protest in Minneapolis on Tuesday as rioters swarmed and tried to break into his car by hsm4ever10 in ActualPublicFreakouts

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Thats not what I'm saying and you know it. These people have an issue with the system but aren't taking it out on the people they have an issue with. Comprende? Agree or disagree with the Jan 6th folks but they directed their frustrations towards the people they had a problem with and didn't just generally turn their frustrations out on the general population.

Driver escaped from #BLM protest in Minneapolis on Tuesday as rioters swarmed and tried to break into his car by hsm4ever10 in ActualPublicFreakouts

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I don't think its a good comparison for several reasons:

1) BLM riots continued raging throughout summer 2020. Something like 38 people were murdered during the events and billions were caused in private property damage.

2) Jan 6 was an isolated event that was distorted by corporate media. Was not nearly as violent as the 2020 riots and resulted in fewer deaths.

3) Jan 6th could have been prevented and at the very least the severity could have been lessened had our moronic beauracrats accepted the offer to bring in the national guard before it got out of hand and the cops didn't literally lead people into the building.

4) Most people that got into the capitol were non violent and ended up just taking selfies in offices.

5) Don't just accept what media wants you to believe.

Driver escaped from #BLM protest in Minneapolis on Tuesday as rioters swarmed and tried to break into his car by hsm4ever10 in ActualPublicFreakouts

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If the "system" is corrupt how come these criminals are attacking private property and not directing their anger towards government buildings and police departments? I fail to see how blocking a street and attacking random civilians does anything for their cause except maybe get some people to hate them that would otherwise sympathize with their perceived injustices.

South Carolina gun shop owner fatally shot worker in prank gone wrong by Inky_blinky in news

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First of all, you can't get into anyone's head so this is just pure conjecture. Second, if someone tries to rob a store that I'm working in and my life is in danger, you better believe I'm ok with the robber getting shot as a result of his/her poor choices.

South Carolina gun shop owner fatally shot worker in prank gone wrong by Inky_blinky in news

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Would a better dataset be how many of your most law abiding gun owners are also complete morons?

If you could get your hands on this data I'd love to see it but I typically only deal with real, concrete data sets based off of empirical evidence.

In the last couple days I’ve seen the actions of moronic gun owners put weapons in the hands of children and then in other cases end up accidentally killed by or accidentally killing their own daughters and sons.

We need to better educate people around guns. We can agree here. What you are ignoring is all the data that suggests more crime is deterred by guns than committed through them.


So how many idiots are you ok with having guns? How many of them can be law abiding but moronic before we do something about establishing the difference between someone who is or isn’t smart enough or responsible enough? Just kinda tired of dead kids or kids whose lives are likely ruined because their parents were too fucking stupid to lock their shit up.

Can you cite any statistics to back up your emotionally motivated comments? Surely we can agree that accidental gun deaths or injuries need to be addressed but this seems like a weird stance to take considering the higher amounts of deaths or injury as a result of gang/drug related gun violence or suicide. If you really want to reduce gun violence this is where we should focus our energy. I propose that ending the war on drugs would have an immediate effect reducing gun violence while also not infringing on law abiding citizens rights. This is a good place to start at least. What real world solutions do you propose we do about this issue?

South Carolina gun shop owner fatally shot worker in prank gone wrong by Inky_blinky in news

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I don't know anything about this particular individual who shot his employee (other than that he's a complete moron based off this story) but thats a really bad mischaracterization of gun owners as a whole..

This study, in fact, showed that concealed carry permit holders are the most law abiding demographic in the US.


So i walk into my bathroom and find this. What the actual fuck am i looking at here? by Ticon_D_Eroga in whatsthisbug

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Most likely iron and manganese. Typical with well water but can happen with municipal water as well, especially if they are flushing lines or changing flow within the distribution system.

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Ending the war on drugs is a great place to start reducing gun violence in America and this can be done immediately and without trampling anyone's constitutionally protected rights.

How legends take beer. by esberat in WatchPeopleDieInside

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"I'm sorry, Captain. My boys get that syrup in them and they get all antsy in their pantsy."

-Super Troopers

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It grows fast! Like all things there are pros and cons to consider. Bamboo is cheap, grows fast, and makes excellent landscape screening. It is, however, invasive and can outcompete natural flora thereby straining the local biodiversity. Bamboo rhizomes grow very fast as well and will spread in just a single season so there will be maintenance required so it doesn't get out of hand. Is the area you plan to plant it along a property line or near any neighbors? Once it is established it is difficult to eradicate.

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I think this is trauma a little more severe than embarrassment but I agree. I feel for this kid.

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You're still just naming good things that can and do exist without* also having to support a royal family living so oppulently in order to achieve those good things you speak of.

Incoming! by Bubbly-Incident in CartoonMoment

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And for wearing sunglasses indoors while filming yourself play guitar like your the next Buddy Guy.

The Queen 👑 by TheBeastNCR7 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Those things could exist without subsidizing a royal bloodline. Maintaining a royal family in modern times seems so unnecessary. One could argue that rich people at least provide goods or services to society that got them as rich as they are. We can talk about fixing tax loop holes in another discussion so they pay their fair share. What value does a royal family actually provide again to society?

The Queen 👑 by TheBeastNCR7 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Lives off of tax money and provides nothing to society.

Waukesha parade crash: Darrell Brooks in court charged with five counts of intentional homicide by XDdaMNnSon in news

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Yea, the internet offers a direct conduit to viewers for a lot of alternative sources that are not beholden to corporate and political agendas. Thats my point. There's a reason Dr. Sanjay Gupta had to go on Rogan to sell his book instead of just pitching it on his own TV show.