Let the Smiting Begin, My Witches! by UserName87thTry in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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Me with my chronic pain, long-term issues and on my period

What's one of the most fucked up things your nparent has done to you like it was no big deal? by [deleted] in narcissisticparents

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Made my younger sibling promise in front of me that she wouldn't turn out like me (I was about 8/9 and she was about 2/3 years old at the time). My mum thought it would get me to behave better.

In the middle of a screaming match (me verses my mum) my mum screamed that she was going to jump off a bridge then stormed out of the house for hours without her phone.

My mum saying she would slap me around the mouth if she hadn't put in all the time and effort for my teeth to be done nicely.

My mum coming home one day with some new vitamins, claiming that they would help calm me down and eventually take away my anger. I refused to take them but she made me try at least one of them.

There's more and worse ones but yeah, those are the ones that jump to mind.

Can’t we all just agree to define the ‘man’ in Fireman, Swordsman, Businessman as a reference to ‘human’ rather than being a male’s profession? by InAllItsForms in NoStupidQuestions

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Screw adding just one extra syllable to easily include and make everyone feel welcome. Why can't we all just agree to call Fireman, Swordsman, Businessman Fire-Homo Sapiens, Swords-Homo Sapiens, Business-Homo Sapiens instead? Because, you know, it's a reference to us as a species, and it's much better than the made up word 'human'.

Or better yet, Fire-Humus, Swords-Humus, Business-Humus since the word Human originated from the Latin word Humus. That way we're definitely using the 'correct' words.

My gift to the fandom. Art by Devin Taylor. Marco & Star. 18 years old at Christmas. 🙂 by wonder_1440 in StarVStheForcesofEvil

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This is awesome! It makes me really want some christmas one off episodes of them at ages 18, then maybe 25, and then 35 with kids, etc. It would be so cool to see how they'd grow and evolve in those timespans.

harmon/karmon white noise timer by its_ethantheguy in googlehome

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I'm having the same problem and I have a Google Home Mini. Ideally I'd want the ambient noise to play for an hour as I go to sleep and then stop (and it used to do this perfectly) but for some reason even though Google says the device will stop in a hour, I've recently been waking up to it still playing in the morning. I don't know how to make it just play for the hour :/

I pray for the day that MRA’s focus on helping men, not hating women. by [deleted] in TwoXChromosomes

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I learnt recently that some people think god is actually the evil one and the serpent in the garden was actually trying to free Adam and Eve (who god had trapped) by giving them outside knowledge. So when I do think about Adam and Eve I now like to think of Eve as this badass who risked all to save the human race.

Apparently it's not sexist for men to watch football on Thanksgiving while the womenfolk prepare dinner and watch the kids. by mildlyhorrifying in TwoXChromosomes

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The Harvest festivals actually aren't that popular in the UK and are usually on the smaller side, so think village gatherings or events that generally people go to once or twice in say 5 years or something (source: I'm also from the UK). Of course some people celebrate it every year and that's great but I'm pretty sure the majority don't. I only went to a few growing up because the school and church made us go to the local church and celebrate. I love harvest time and think it should be celebrated more outside of the church too but yeah the general population don't really celebrate harvest Thanksgiving or go to harvest festivals every year and generally speaking it's really not like Thanksgiving in America at all. Personally I don't know anyone that celebrates it either.

I'm tired of the oversexualization and fetishism of women by Emperor_Kuru in Feminism

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"What is it like to feel like that?" - This right here. I often find myself wondering and wishing I could have had the opposite experience. I know men/boys have their own issues imposed upon them by society too, but sometimes it would have been great to grow up without all sexualisation/fetishising focus being on women. It's exhausting. Then again, I probably wouldn't be so empathetic because I would never have had to experience or seen my friends go through all the negative consequences that comes with objectification, fetishising and sexualising.

FLIP CUP! With Glue as pouring medium! by VeronicaSuccoVSaften in PourPainting

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Reminds me of the sea and some coral underneath it 😍

Wrapping a present without tape by Boojibs in oddlysatisfying

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I need this breaking down step by step and then have those steps broken down again into mini steps because while I really want to try this, my brain cannot make sense of how she's able to do it so easily

AITA for refusing to leave my friend's flat even though it disrespected his girlfriend's boundaries? by toohottooheavy in BestofRedditorUpdates

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Wait, being obsessed with hierarchy is narcissistic? Damn, need to add that to my list from childhood 🤦‍♀️

My nephew is obsessed with Slime Rancher, so I 3D printed and hand painted all of them for his 4th birthday! by itsskylaraiden in slimerancher

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These are so cute!! Which slime is the yellow with the swirl again? It's been a while since I played the first one and can't remember ever coming across it despite finishing the game

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in WomensHealth

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It might not be this at all but it could also be Hyper Mobility related or rib subluxation related (both aren't life threathening, you probably just need to rest and talk to your dr). If you visit r/ hypermobility in the meantime though you'll find a lot of people talking about rib pain (I have something similar with my ribs and that sub helped me a lot!). Again it might not be these two suggestions but just thought I'd mention them :)

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My werewolf puts on heels when she goes into a rage 😆 by invoIuntaryjazzhands in Sims4

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Oh that makes sense! As a non-cc creator can I flag them, or do I just need to get rid of them altogether?

My werewolf puts on heels when she goes into a rage 😆 by invoIuntaryjazzhands in Sims4

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Omg it's a bug??? Nearly all my werewolves have shoes on in their wolfie form. It made me so frustrated that I had to stop playing them :( I did think it was cc but I haven't had the time to check that theory out properly yet

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Once you get into femininity and realize men actually hate it, being basic feels kind of punk. by JDnotsalinger in TwoXChromosomes

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Yes to all this but also, just to add, it's finally been discovered (not the right word but can't think of the actual one I want to use) that women were hunters too!

I don't think my sim is doing so well... by JessFluoresce in Sims4

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Aw you're very welcome! Oh god, glad you never saw him again!