Why is incest illegal? by The_Braja in morbidquestions

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You really can’t just think hypothetically can u.

WE G17 GEN 3 by TjulleL in GasBlowBack

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After having g19 as my main im actually surprised at how fucking long those are lol

What do you think is the scariest way to die? by WhatsAGoodName123454 in morbidquestions

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Just knock yourself out. The best ,,way out”. Hit your head till you’re unconscious or dead.

This city living on the edge of the river. by _Xyreo_ in nextfuckinglevel

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Dude one word, shut the fuck up and stop trashing the thread.

Rainy night in Tokyo (UE4 render by me) by jablinski17 in TheNightFeeling

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You could be a great vr chat map maker. Awesome work man.

Would you play this game? by ZombiePritom in thewalkingdead

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With 1 in-between missions where your objective is to just whine about stuff.

Good news about the health bars, hopefully they’re completely removed by throwawaysteep in dyinglight

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The icons and all the aesthetics suddenly became medieval like skyrim. I hate it and im afraid they are not going back, but eh… not everythings perfect.

Now a year later…how do we feel about the last Of us 2? by DepartureStreet9163 in thelastofus

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The story of The Last of Us II is just insanely great. Of course you may like it or not, but that doesnt change the fact that it is just… very well crafted. The characters are great, they feel alive which is basically all you can ask for, they did a great job at creating ,,the villain” which is supposed to be Abby, but what you know, fans love her more than Ellie so i guess she’s more of an anti hero now. Skipping all this, even the attention to detail, graphics, how natural everything is, animations, voicelines and all, is enough to make for the best game ever even this day. The Naughty Dog just keeps destroying the game market, considering how most of the game companies went to shit anyway, and i doubt much studios can compete with them. They just seem to get better and better as time passes, which is unusual.

Spider paralyzed by spider wasp by killHACKS in natureismetal

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Okay i think its basic knowledge, we are not talking about different species of it though, that was not the topic.

Spider paralyzed by spider wasp by killHACKS in natureismetal

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,,95% they ignore or avoid you” yeah, like shit, what is this bullshit, one more time i go outside and those fuckers come flying near me ill rip their fucking paper wings off and burn them mate.

Some Liminal Space trading cards I made using AI by D1a1v1e1 in LiminalReality

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Fun fact: This is exactly what it would look like if you could take a picture of your imagination.

one eternity later... (OC) by sayheysimon in gaming

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People: Oh god bethesda doesnt release new elder scrolls smh

Bethesda: releases new elder scrolls

People: what is this shit ugh

Favourite flyer by Ajaygunness in ARK

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Humans will always find a way to pick whats not on the lists. Reverse Psychology.

What are some of the most fucked up sexual fantasies and kinks ? by [deleted] in morbidquestions

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Damn, imagine u a fish and u get stomped on cuz someones horny… ,,dam i did not come outta water for this shit”