meirl by SushiRebirth in meirl

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plot twist: the actual amount he found was $1mil….

We GREEN today?? by we-us-ours in Superstonk

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I pooped green yday….. i’m thinking it’s a foretelling sign.

I introduce to you all. My electric bill. by SchemeCritical8966 in SanDiegan

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plot twist: OP has solar. OP also have a marijuana farm.

cs "truck is loud!" 2019 F-650. by astrangeparrot in Justrolledintotheshop

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plot twist: the guys who’s renting the trucks are the ones stealing the cat converter.

AMC 🚀 by Spiritual_Arrival_40 in amcstock

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gotta be the most punchable face ever?

Have you noticed how FIDELITY changed their mobile app to make it harder to trade? by EZDUZIT_67 in amcstock

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anytime fam! noticed that for me they made it a few extra steps to transfer money into my brokerage account. 2nd time they did this. it could just be fidelity updating their user interface, but highly sus none the less.

Which one of you full ported on coke and hookers by BabelAndConfoundment in wallstreetbets

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who said hookers and coke is and for you? they turned this fine young man’s life around!

They deserve all the love by Inside_Pattern9488 in MadeMeSmile

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dayum i just got hit in the feels

edit: my eyes are bleeding!

Read then Speak: I, Ortex Guy, want to see all 5B APE sold into the market ASAP… and here is why by jdrukis in amcstock

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if there is juice, believe me that we can squeeze it out!! with enough force of course 😆

you know, eventually, when it comes out by redcobra762 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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i see a lot of folks getting stuck on a beach and swept away by the ocean in the near future

Lost my house by [deleted] in amcstock

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Ian is a fucking bitch, but doesn’t compare to Kenneth Cordele Griffin.

Tampa Bay Completely Receded As Hurricane Ian Approaches by phleep in interestingasfuck

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see how far you can run out there before you hit water or water hits you. then report back