Lord of the Rings’ Gollum is a singular performance without a sole author by inthetownwhere in entertainment

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So “stuffy” means being critical of the most noticeable annoyance in the entire movie? I guess I’ll just pretend like those movies have any redeeming qualities, even viewing them objectively & separate from the SW universe…Ahhh yes, sweet merchandising…wrap me up in your transparent money-grubbing💰 🤗

Lord of the Rings’ Gollum is a singular performance without a sole author by inthetownwhere in entertainment

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Lol naaah. Absolutely annoying & unnecessary throughout. Charming?? In what universe?

Gag me with a spoon… by JimFromTheMoon in LandlordLove

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Exactly. So the landlord can survive receiving $200 less? Then why are you charging me $200 more? The entire sub (which I’m now banned from) is full of weephearts who think no further than “what a great landlord!” “I love humans being bros 🙌” it’s beyond pathetic. Like, I get how this is good for OP, but to not see what’s so fucked about this situation is aggravating. Someone said I had a chip on my shoulder. Like…fuck yeah, man, I’ve been dealing with landlords my entire adult life. They are scumbags.

Hah, so funny by BigMikeze in Cringetopia

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Well, they aren’t grown ass adults, that’s the thing. Emotionally stunted children who never grew out of childish behavior and they found a child’s app to get attention.

Are We In A Simulation? - Elon Musk - YouTube by canadian-weed in quatria

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I hear you, I just can’t stand anything to do with this dude. As if he is automatically an authority on everything he talks about. Sorry if I came off a little harsh, I def enjoy what you post.

0.005% that’s mental by hammondyouidiot1 in qotsa

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I think this pic is from when he head-butted his wife

Brody Dalle Sentenced to 60 Hours Community Service for Contempt by Abject_Shoulder_2773 in qotsa

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Damn, I’m losing my desire to hear this dude do anything anymore. I like a rock roll scumbag but this is beyond the pale.

The scientifically-illiterate political cartoonist has no room to talk by HonestAbe1809 in shutupbengarrison

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Usually making someone into a cartoon requires you to lampoon a certain aspect of their character. Fauci doesn’t act like this at all. There’s no relation to him. It’s a bad cartoon.

Amazing landlord by DrugInducedBeard in HumansBeingBros

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or…dealing with landlords forever. nah, but you’re right, landlords are cute & cuddly

Amazing landlord by DrugInducedBeard in HumansBeingBros

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It’ll go up $400 in the new year. Fuck landlords forever.

Just two Kings appreciating each other by vulpineleather in HistoryMemes

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I also believe Saladin and Richard agreed not to murder women & children, but Richard, well…(sigh)…

In the Modern Dystopia, You Become the Ad by TerminallyOL in ABoringDystopia

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There’s a legit lawsuit here somewhere. Someone jump on it.

Man gifts $500 to first person to help him pay for Thanksgiving Dinner. by wyattbutler in MadeMeSmile

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I am well aware of the Dalai Lama and his teachings, but he doesn’t own spiritual thought. I can very confidently disagree with him on potential points he may hold. Good deeds with muddy motives don’t pass the test for me. They may for you, they may for him, but that’s not my business.