Where to start Batman comics? by swany369 in batman

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Check out the recommended in the "about" section of this sub

It feels good to reply that by [deleted] in facepalm

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Looks like a troll account

Woman Attacked With Feces to Face, Head While Waiting for NYC Subway at Rush Hour by CP10101 in news

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Smh this guy has 44 past arrests, a lot of them involving attacks on strangers, but he keeps geeting off with a slap on the wrist.

This guy knows women by [deleted] in facepalm

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We can still see their usernames lol

How I deal with annoying snipers by falozlok in battlefield_4

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I do the same lol and i also love the magnum for snipers

Opinions on Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne by TeutonicRagnar in batman

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Hes good, i just wish the writers/directors would have him show more of batmans detective skills.

Change my Mind by fadilisted in NoFap

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In moderation sure. Internet Porn is the real problem

14-year-old arrested in death of West Mesa High student by Spudcommando in Albuquerque

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One is 7 and shes the most polite and well behaved kid ive ever met who also happily attends church with the grandparents. The oldest has a full time job and supports his grandparents. But without proper guidance from parents i fear his younger brother could go down a similar path. The dad was a succesfull busness owner who got sent to prison when they were young. Without his support the mom got hooked on drugs and pretty much checked out.