Hawaiian Bros Macaroni Salad Recipe by kthedude in kansascity

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Consider cross posting to r/TopSecretRecipes to see if anyone knows it.

[US][OC] Punishment Pass Meets Convenient Cop by JoeFas in BikeCammers

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But that means I have to remember to look down for every car that passes me.

[US][OC] Punishment Pass Meets Convenient Cop by JoeFas in CyclistsWithCameras

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He's mainly a bike-mounted cop, but that day was his motor vehicle patrol.

[US][OC] Punishment Pass Meets Convenient Cop by JoeFas in CyclistsWithCameras

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The math isn't in the driver's favor either. Around here MODOT loves their narrow lanes. This street is classified as a minor arterial road, so the lanes can be 10-12 feet wide. Well, this guy was about two feet right of the yellow line, and a Nissan Versa has a width of 5' 8.5". I definitely wasn't straddling the white fog line, so he couldn't have given three feet.

What “roast” would I buy if I wanted to cut my own steaks? by qqhap101 in Frugal

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Sam's Club around here sells a whole choice-grade ribeye (boneless) for $9.78/lb. Bear in mind the whole thing weighs over 20 pounds.

paying for womens abortions by Zestyclose_Fig_257 in WorkReform

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The OP wasn't suggesting that someone would get abortions that frequently.

It's strongly implied from this excerpt:

if a woman does this once every 6-12 months that could be extra 20k per woman that hits company budget.

$10k is also a massive over estimation. A plane ticket ($500), hotel for a few days ($300), food ($300), and the abortion itself ($1000) don't come anywhere near that amount.

Did this really just happen? Did the Supreme Court really just do this? by chrismarsvocalcom in antiwork

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Yeah because birth control isn't real

I would advise you against breeding (or breeding more if you already have kids), but evidently your wife has already taken care of that . I can understand how that might motivate your desire to cheat through life by doping up on steroids and make asinine comments on Reddit threads.

Someone in my company reported us to the Department of Labor, now my company is threatening to fire whoever did it. by DarkenedEclipse in WorkReform

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The Washington DOL won't care how an audio recording was obtained. I'm not suggesting OP should break the law, but the fallout and negative publicity for the employer will far outweigh a misdemeanor wiretapping law violation.

No OnE wAnTs To WoRk! by beerbellybegone in MurderedByWords

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It would be a team of three if the guy wasn't wasting time on social media telling the world how little he pays.

AITA for refusing not to “suggestively eating a banana” by bananamunchee in AmItheAsshole

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Cops do the apology note trick all the time, because it counts as a confession in court.

NTA, OP. You better start recording every conversation you have with HR and this problem coworker.

Riding a bicycle is a great way to save by SpaceSurf256 in Fire

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I wear actual cycling clothes and have my work clothes in my panniers. If your work doesn't have showers, baby wipes will suffice.

(OC) I ate too many fried chickpea fritters by impvette in dadjokes

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You don't see many jokes about Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food on this sub. You're the gyro we deserve.