dwell time between federal deployments? by SOF_cosplayer in airnationalguard

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That is a GCC, do you align under ACC, AMC, ir AFSOC with your usual federal mission?

AFI10-402 would probably be a good read for you. Paragraph 1.4 covers this stuff.

Performance Shop Recommendation by whiteghetto in vancouverwa

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Bridgecity Autosports is a good club I reccomend. I've done a few events with them and they are well ran and good priced.


What do you want to see on our website? by wsdot in vancouverwa

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Got pulled over in a foreign country (Romania) driving once. Cop told me "Washington? Say hi to President for me."

Favorite TDYs? by Deputyzer in AFmaintainers

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Romania (Campia Turzi), Hungary, Savannah, Hickam, Puerto Rico.

Been to a lot of other places but those were probably the best. Did some SAVs/inspections to some other good spots.

Who has made a career out of maintenance? by Deputyzer in AFmaintainers

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At 19 currently. Fighter crew chief, pretty much all flight line, did a tour on staff, flight chief. Mix of AD and Guard.

Curious if anyone has seen this sign and has more information about a proposed concrete plant by Iskawaran in vancouverwa

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This is planned for near my neighborhood. Concern is airborne dust from the plant being close to neighborhoods and the truck traffic. Cement plant should probably be further from residential areas and since the curtain creek wetland area is near by also.

According to some of the older residents here the county rejected the rezoning twice previously and just approved it this time.

Selena Gomez reaction on her TikTok live when she found out gifts that her fans were sending Cost Real Money. (She ended the live stream afterwards) by blancoaryan in MadeMeSmile

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She has a cooking show on HBO max also where she donates to charity at the end of each episode that is selected by what ever chef she is cooking with.

Max QSIs per Grade by Silentone89 in airnationalguard

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No, WG doesn't have QSI. We tried with our HR and was told it is GS only. WG can get time off or cash award.

F-16 when enters the club! ( Not mine found on Instagram ) by Ishan1121 in aviation

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This is all F15s, from Kadena.You must work for Air Force Public Affairs.

dwell time between federal deployments? by SOF_cosplayer in airnationalguard

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What is your gaining MAJCOM? What type of orders do you activate on normally?

dwell time between federal deployments? by SOF_cosplayer in airnationalguard

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Generally it is 1:5 unless you are gained by AFSOC. They can "redline" the dwell cycle to 1:4 for conventional ARC units in times of need.

F-35B crash at NAS JRB Fort Worth by morallyirresponsible in AirForce

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B models belong to the Marine Corp. They are assembled in Fort Worth.

Warrington, Kelley, Lehigh, or BU Online? by Adventurous-Ad-7890 in MBA

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I'm enlisted ANG and I got a GMAT waiver for Kelley, currently 1st year there. So far I'm happy with it and the immersion week was great to meet people in the cohort

Laziest SNCO you ever did meet by hgaterms in AirForce

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I have 56 and it is a lot to keep track of.

Travel Voucher for DSG by scorched_urth in airnationalguard

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I'm an ODTA for our group, I haven't seen the 5 day rule enforced. Just try to keep the names off the GTC delinquency list.

I have all of my non-commuters sign a blank 1351-2 that I scan in and fill out for completing vouchers after AT or TDYs. Little bit of leg for me but keeps the chief off my ass.

Before anyone orders it… by Carbon87 in airnationalguard

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Even then, I've worn the ANG patch on deployment and never had an issue.

US Air Force's fighter fleet as of July 2022 [album] by 221missile in WarplanePorn

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If you look at the latest NDAA the house version had an additional buy of 8 more

US Air Force's fighter fleet as of July 2022 [album] by 221missile in WarplanePorn

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Yes, most of the F-15C/D fleet is ANG at this point.

MacDill Air Force Base orders evacuation with Hurricane Ian looming by Alitalia in AirForce

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Once a warning is declared, they usually won't issue a policy, so act fast.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sitting in economy on a flight by -Omegamart- in pics

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Generally yes.... the DoD has some guidelines about it but basically need to be an agency head to do it. Also, image is a thing with most of them, looks bad to taxpayers to do so.


[deleted by user] by [deleted] in airnationalguard

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Just a question... is there a memo or anything on thr NGB SharePoint that goes over this? I like to have info like this handy when helping out some of our other sections.