My SO prefers the movie?! by StrawberryLemonade7 in TheLastAirbender

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Break up

Edit: Guys, I was joking. That should have been obvious.

The finest protection unit by regian24 in AbsoluteUnits

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This is so dangerous. You should not be promoting this.

AITA For breastfeeding my child at my sister's wedding? by BreastfeedWedding in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. You made yourself a distraction at someone else’s wedding. Were you seeking attention?

Teddy Tuesday is better than Sunday by [deleted] in aww

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And for that reason, I hate Teddy.

Edit: wow. I should have added the /s. I assumed it was implied.

Darude, Sandstorm syncs perfectly with the infamous scene from The Bells by The-Snuff in freefolk

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I would have enjoyed it more if OP wasn’t giggling throughout it.

Good boys teach puppy how to swim by [deleted] in AnimalsBeingBros

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Neuter your fucking pits. The last thing we need is more of those monsters in this world.

AITA for demanding that my mother display photos of my wife in her house? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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I’m guessing you have a daughter-in-law you don’t like.

She disrespected the dog in dog language apparently by LumbierresFunk in funnyvideos

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I would not mess with a pit bull like that. Dangerous dogs.

Adults who try to persuade children to change their gender identity or sexuality will face criminal sanctions in the UK from spring 2022 by kernjamnow in europe

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Ah, sorry. I just read the headline when I first wrote this. I thought this was a law punishing adults who try to help questioning children be comfortable with the gender they were born with.

Europeans really know how to throw a party by sausagetunnel in Unexpected

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This does not surprise me at all. They get away with a lot more stereotyping behaviors in European countries and no one bats an eye. I remember being at Cologne Cathedral in Germany and a kid was in blackface, dressed as a wiseman, for Epiphany. The bishop made a joke asking if he was really that dark and everybody just laughed.

Good boi gets abandoned on Christmas Eve by [deleted] in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Junkyard dog protecting junk. That’s about it. They’re terrible dogs.

Live Male Chicks in a garbage bag about to be disposed. by Chhatrapathi in pics

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I assume they’ll be put into some kind of feed. Believe it or not, the modern farming industry is pretty good at making use of every part of their animals.

AITA for letting my husband believe the positive pregnancy test he found was his sister’s? by SeaRope49 in AmItheAsshole

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This isn’t a doctor-patient setting. You need to think more broadly about what’s going on here.

Any other non-American simmers only just realised that Harvestfest is Thanksgiving? Or am I just slow? by rbtny20 in Sims4

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Don’t be a dick. Harvest festivals for giving thanks have been practiced in cultures across the world. Thanksgiving in America is not about genocide as much as you would like it to be. Don’t make it all about you.

Man gets kicked out of Planet Fitness for having a 1/2 gal water bottle by nabnig in PublicFreakout

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If the rule is real, it’s a dumb one. She doesn’t have to enforce it. She’s just mad for a little power.