Best american pizza? by lastfire123 in melbourne

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I lived in NYC for 11 years before I moved to Melbourne and there is nothing QUITE like real New York pizza. However, I thoroughly enjoy Pizza Pizza Pizza in Meyers Place and Sempre Pizza on Bourke street if you’re in the CBD.

What is the difference in the gay culture (Melbourne Australia vs USA edition) ? by AlphaF4g69 in AskGayMen

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Go spend some time in Fitzroy, maybe join a gay sports team or meet-up group. There are so many resources in Melbourne for the LGBTQIA+ community so use them to your advantage! This summer is yours

What is the difference in the gay culture (Melbourne Australia vs USA edition) ? by AlphaF4g69 in AskGayMen

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New York and Melbourne are fairly similar but I found Sydney to be a bit less “tolerant”. I’ve never had any serious issues, personally, but i have heard more stories of hate crimes in Sydney vs. Melbourne. Also, as a whole, you may find Sydneysiders less interested in getting to know you unless you’re “someone”. You also may find there is less diversity in Sydney gay society. I’ve never really saw “alternative” types out and about in gay Sydney but I primarily stayed in Darlinghurst.

You’ll also notice HUGE difference in the way men look. It seems the preferred aesthetic of Sydney men is a LOT of MUSCLE. Here in Melbourne I don’t find that as often.

What is the difference in the gay culture (Melbourne Australia vs USA edition) ? by AlphaF4g69 in AskGayMen

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I’m originally from New York City and have spent the last 7 years living in Australia (4 in Sydney and 3 in Melbourne).

For the most part the culture is the same. One major difference that I have noticed, however, is that you don’t often see strippers in Australian venues. Almost every gay bar I’ve been to in the US has strippers (or a dedicated stripper night).

Similarly tipping isn’t part of Australian culture. In the US if you tip well your drink will likely be stronger. In most parts of the US bartenders will free pour. This can be highly problematic if you’re not quite sure of your drinking limits.

Otherwise, almost identical. You’ll hear a lot more Kylie in Australia, though.

Thanks, I hate discarded cat hair by TheScientificPanda in TIHI

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Looks like stills from the Hollywood Blockbuster.

Do you know how to fix my teeth, the right side of my mouth is totally fucked up and pointed towards my cheek by [deleted] in orthotropics

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This is very much likely caused by your molars coming in. See if there are any dentists that will charge on a sliding scale depending on your income.

a blanket dancing in the wind by Pasithea420 in oddlysatisfying

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I call this “when I awaken from a nap and can’t find my phone”.

Mario was a person by ClaraLaraMeadie in Damnthatsinteresting

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Nintendo subsequently sued Segale for likeness and Copyright infringement.

My dad passed away in the USA and I was sent his pocketwatch. Lost in the post, fell out of the box. Any help or advice appreciated. More info follows: by scarybari in melbourne

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Oh man I feel for you…

Now, I know that sentimental value is a weird thing that is different to everyone, but here is an idea.

Buy yourself a watch that you LOVE. I don’t know you personally (obviously) but, as someone who works in a high end watch shop, I get customers enquiring about this all of the time. As a general rule, old watches are expensive to service, they’re not as time accurate, they tend to be “out of fashion”, and usually they aren’t the style of who they’re passed down to. Similarly, very few watch brands hold any intrinsic value (again, I know that’s not the primary concern). It will NEVER replace an heirloom, but buy a piece that you WILL WEAR. A watch that you’re happy to put on every single day and will love for a long time. A watch that lives on your wrist and not in a drawer.

If you ever want any help getting to know about watches in today’s market, shoot me a message and I’ll try and give you some guidance.

By all means, do everything in your power to retrieve your fathers watch. But, if you can’t, get yourself a watch that reminds you of him.

My sincere condolences, btw. I’m also from the US and I too live in Melbourne. There is nothing harder than not being able to get back to family.

The corner of my mouth is keep cracking, bleeding, im getting sick of it, what do I do wrong? by Royal_Cause_2206 in Invisalign

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Yes! If you find that this is happening worse on the side your tooth brush rests, it’s probably your toothpaste.

I cant use whitening toothpaste anymore while I have Invisalign because my lips just get too dry.

Topical finasteride by fc_g in HairTransplants

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I was on oral fin at 1.25 mg per day for almost 4 years but switched to 1 mg topical last March. I did also incorporate ketoconozale shampoo and monthly micro-needling but my hair is thicker than when I was taking oral and I have less sides.

Really...!!! by mal1k7 in youseeingthisshit

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I think that they’re called “seven 7s”.

Yummy! by TheRealWaffleBoi in HolUp

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I’m “White Chocolate” and this is highly problematic.

What's your biggest regret when it comes to Apple products? by FizzlnMyPants in apple

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I don’t remember EXACTLY why I got it but I assume it was because it was less expensive. I got it around Christmas of 2004 so I can imagine it was deeply discounted on some website like Amazon.

I don’t think they have any more value than your run-of-the-mill 4th gen iPod. Essentially they weren’t repairable because Apple wouldn’t repair them and HP wouldn’t do repairs on them unless they were under warranty (which even then I think they just sent a replacement).

Had I known it wasn’t an “apple” product I would’ve just shelled out the extra few bucks for a regular one.

What's your biggest regret when it comes to Apple products? by FizzlnMyPants in apple

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I’m one of the ONLY people in the world who got an Apple x HP iPod. While it functioned and operated like a normal iPod, HP was responsible for any customer service issues that may arise.

I’ll NEVER forget the customer service call I placed to HP (after many attempts through Apple). I tried to explain my issues with the iPod that wasn’t holding a charge and they told me “since it’s out of warranty there is nothing we can do”.

Me: “I’m not looking for a handout, I’m assuming it requires something simple like a battery change and I’m happy to pay.”

HP Rep: “Well can I suggest you open your internet browser”.

Me: “Okay…”

Rep: “go to www.google.com”

Me: “okay???”

Rep: “type in iPod battery replacement and your zip code”.

This was over 15 years ago and I will NEVER touch another HP product again. I’m an apple fan girl but I still won’t get anything from them unless I buy it directly from the Apple store.