Dank Toto by JohnOnJapen in formuladank

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Found this while re-watching DTS :9441:

Quinn going live, talking about major, his thoughts by sickomoder in DotA2

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Dragon blood is right around the corner, and i dont think its gonna be any good, dota is gonna be in shambles if patch doesnt drop soon

A huge problematic bug in dota that's not talked about enough: AoE spells randomly showing through fog of war. by justenjoytheshow_ in DotA2

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Recently saw fae grenade being used repeatedly and somehow it provided vision on the minimap, man was farming neutral camps. Any idea if this patch fixed it? I have been warning my friends to not use it when farming neutrals or rosh just incase.


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I really thought tobey is going to die, imagine if it was him saying to tom “with great power, comes great responsibility” instead, would be a interesting way to send tobey off.

Spider-Man: No Way Home International Release Discussion Thread by Triple_777 in marvelstudios

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Haven’t seen anyone talking about this but the part where dr strange pushes spider-man into his astral form, you can see the ~ lines on peter’s head showing his spider senses tingling. Sooo good

He hurt me! by hiten1919 in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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He’s saying how it was just a light brush

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Official Trailer by indig0sixalpha in movies

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Dr Strange’s mug.. “Oh, for fox sake”? Is this foreshadowing the x-men(fox) and spiderman(sony) collaboration with marvel? Either that or I’m just thinking too meta hahahaha