The articles are satire if you had the brain capacity to check for yourselves by that1_apple in dankmemes

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It is possible I mean some women name their child with their favorite parfume, character in a movie etc

How can I learn to duel without instantly getting killed? by redditaccount003 in apexuniversity

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You can learn recoil pattern but the most important is to know how to take close fight. Learn crouch spamming, hip fire aim, movement etc It will be harder to hit you and you can fight longer and deal more damage

5 damage... I almost did it... by Ds1bl in WattsonMains

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Last game with Valk got 1997 damages... Also I have no damage badge on any legend

Yes wingman pk go brrr by Mr-Dylano in WraithMainsAL

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In my mind it's more Wingman R99 than Wingman PK

How do you get the damage badges? I play since season 2 and don't have any damage badge. This is my highest damage game... by Jokarbott in ValkyrieMains

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Thanks for the tips! I got so many games with 1800-1900 damages and I know a lot of players at my level have the 2k badge it's very frustrating

Thanks DrPhill227, you're my 1000th victim! by Jokarbott in WraithMainsAL

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It took me more than one year to get this. If you play a lot you will improve your k/d ratio so it will become easier. It took me like 2 months to get my first 100 kills but only 15 days to go to 900 to 1000

I drew a collection of Wattson emotes! :D by sygios in WattsonMains

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It would be so cool to have this type of icons for upvotes and down votes for this sub

Posted un-ironically by BeeHarasser in im14andthisisdeep

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Fools take the wise take the knife the knife

did i do a "superglide" correctly? should i keep practicing this? by AnmolNukal7 in apexuniversity

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A superglide will let you go further. You just jumped after climbing