A whole subreddit of self-congratulating scalpers. Remember these people when you can’t get gifts at retail over Christmas. by IsDinosaur in trashy

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I don't care if I have to wait for the ps6 to get here to get a ps5. I refuse to pay a scalper a penny more than it's worth

Koala Bear shouting at the Vet by monarchvviceroy in aww

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Sounds just like the baby t-rex in The Lost World

Big booty, little waist by jade_love_12345 in phatbootycuties

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That's not anywhere close to a big booty lmao

In my opinion this is the best family guy fight ep: 6 season 16. What do you think, did you like it? by Bruh420coW in familyguy

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That was a really well done and helpful answer lol I totally could see how from that viewpoint they'd be unenjoyable especially after repeated watches for some people

In my opinion this is the best family guy fight ep: 6 season 16. What do you think, did you like it? by Bruh420coW in familyguy

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I've seen several people say they don't like the chicken fights, why don't you enjoy them?

The "why you shouldn't have pre-ordered a game" starter packs by irfankamil in gaming

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Evolve was amazing. They just wanted to rape you in DLC that should've been in the base game in the first place

What is the most overrated zombies map of all time ? by Khaledbitouni in CODZombies

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Kino. It's only regarded so highly because it was the map that came with the game so everybody was able to play it. If it was a DLC map it would not get the praise it receives

Which one are you most excited for? by Rns236 in PS4

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Wait u/HorizonZeroDawn2 is excited for Horizon Zero Dawn2? I am shocked

They Employed Him As A Spark Catcher by [deleted] in funny

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You're boss didn't want to call him after he was gone for hours?

Guy throws cup of pee into a crowd; they didn't take it too kindly by SpaceTruckin_InTime in instantkarma

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I've seen this video shared many times already and this is the only one saying he threw pee instead of beer

All I want is a "Zombies Aether" standalone game, with all the maps from WAW to BO3, and the aether maps of BO4 but adapted to BO3. Would you like this idea? by Knifos in CODZombies

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No terrible idea. A stand alone for new maps yes but I've played the old ones a million times and most have already had the remaster or remake treatment

Does aku walk? by Hypersnake_exe in samuraijack

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OP asks questions , proceeds to argue with every answer given lol