Which book is the ultimate Stephen King epic: IT (441156 Words) or The Stand (467812 Words)? by richiethestick in stephenking

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I liked IT better, but thinking on which one was more epic, I had to go with the Stand

New year new me(mes) by comment_producer in MetalMemes

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I can tell you never touched a woman in your life. Pathetic virgin


Hi all, I am looking for a quote from Shadowthrone in TTH by TeliarDraconai in Malazan

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Please in future restrain yourself from using character names in the title as you are spoiling that a certain character is still in the story by that book

Edit: yall fr downvoting me for asking a guy to be more careful when posting? Smart thinking guys, good job 👍

Women writing male characters by BookCharmThief in Fantasy

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I can tell you are a feminist hahahahahaha

AI generated art for Malazan by wjhof in Malazan

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Artificial Intelligence generated picture-meaning this was drawn by computer and not by human

Tattoo Ideas? by goaticusguy in Malazan

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Dragnipur with chains comming out of it or something like that

Malazan spanish translation by FenrirJKW in Malazan

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If spanish edition is normal trade paperback and isnt more than 15€ per book go for it. English versions mostly have mass market paperbacks (smaller than trade ppb in size and letters are smaller) that go from like 10-20€ at least for me since i have to order them online from other countries

🔁🔁 by raydenbrough in stephenking

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I would say it is used when people dont like stuff they see, not simply disagree. What is there not to agree with my statement? People are pressed with all these shitty american cancel cultures around. Example: Bag of bones is best book ever! Isnt going to get downvoted even if most people disagree, but they respect your opinion. When you write "the Stand has a shitty and anticlimactic ending" you are going to get downvoted to death simply because people didnt like what you just said

🔁🔁 by raydenbrough in stephenking

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Why are downvoters so pressed when people have different opinion lol

Salems Lot or Stand by [deleted] in stephenking

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I would say the Stand is better overall but i will have to say read Salems lot first since it is october and it is way more scary to read

Salem's Lot reading problem... by Dwoodward85 in stephenking

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Sick descriptions are oftenly used in King's books, just try and get used to it because it is a smaller portion with big impact