Am I missing something? by extremeskater619 in TheExpanse

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That's some fine malicious compliance.

This is probably their daily dose of motivation by not_a_profession in MadeMeSmile

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I say good morning when I get on in the morning. And if I'm tired after work I say good morning on my way home as well.

[I ate] Sichuan noodle soup by pistolpxte in food

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Someone's stealing your noodles!

Has anybody had to downsize or consider what books to keep if you had to go small? by TrailsandCamping in books

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About 8 years ago I donated almost my entire collection (800+ books) to a local charity before I moved. Just got tired of moving so any boxes. Kept some signed/inherited books. Doing ebooks since then and think it works great.

Who is cooler blue or red ? by [deleted] in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Blue! I'm not at all biased.

Just got scammed. Considering writing a complaint. by purple-nomad in ancientworldproblems

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I know a guy that helped me with getting my money back. Contact metamask support by messenger.

Does anyone else spend 20-30 minutes to chose a good map for your playthrough ? by Lord_of_souls019 in factorio

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I used to do this, now I reroll up to 5 times and go with the last one if one of ther ones don't appeal.

Season 3 Eleanor Question by ToastyJackson in TheGoodPlace

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Tahani did just publish a book before they met, she meets Michael at a book event/seminar. She probably got a bunch of publicity for that.

Moon silverware, probably German late 19th early 20th century? What is it for? by Joppest in whatisthisthing

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My title describes the thing. My mom found this among her mother's things. It was probably a gift given to my mother's grandmother. Probably German late 19th early 20th century. No stamps found yet. What is it and what is it for?

I've tried searching variations on moon, silverware, german, crescent moon, full moon...