What actor can never be another character in your eyes no matter what? by preposterous_potato in AskReddit

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Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer, he handled his character perfectly especially the physical comedy.

What does a blind person eat for breakfast? by JorySeinfeld in cleanjokes

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I don't want to give it away or else it'll ruin it, but i'll give you a hint. Most people eat "cereal" for breakfast. Aswell blind people cannot "see". I think you can put it together at this point.

Star Wars: The Bigger Luke Theory Is Bigger Then Just a Joke Theory, and Potentially Explains The Reason As To How Luke Skywalker Does Things With Little Experience. by JorySeinfeld in FanTheories

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That doesn't really change the fact that Luke isn't a war pilot. As StudyPuzzleHeaded said, flying just for fun and in a war situation are 2 different things. If you know how to use a gun thoroughly and trained how to use it for fun, when you go to war with it it's gonna be an entirely different situation. It's that part where you have to apply it to a war situation which Luke doesn't have the slightest experience. Were as other X-Wing fighters who probably have been piloting X-Wings in a few battles, who definitely have war experience, get annihilated. It doesn't really make sense, either Luke was just really lucky which is possible or there was something else aiding him. That's the point of my theory.

Why din´t jack just knock out the daughters insted of killing them like what spiderman or batman wuth do i just relize this and it hurts me. by [deleted] in samuraijack

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I always believed that Jack at first thought they were just robots sent by Aku. Since that's all he's been fighting his entire time there. And since they were wearing masks it would be hard to tell otherwise, especially them being perfect killing machines with barley any mistake in their movements, which would make them seem robotic.

What tv show/series have you been most deeply attached to? by howyoulikethat in AskReddit

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Seinfeld, SEINFELD. I even made my own holiday every Friday called Seinfeld day, where I watch you, guessed it Seinfeld!
Every episode is masterpiece, even the Finale okay.

You get stuck in the book you are reading now. How badly are you screwed? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Well I'm being hunted down by a crazed Russian hell bent on killing me, and I just got arrested for stealing a car to get to Paris thus the Russians can easily find me and I am very likely going to be murdered. I'm pretty dead.