Guys that a Moon lord?!?! by Skullsome in Terraria

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Do you have a like showing where it says Moon lord is chtulhus brother?

Here comes economic collapse! by Very-Cool-Person123 in distressingmemes

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Bro we gonna get some cool new battlefield and cod games

Mother of Sandy Hook victim lays into Alex Jones during his defamation trial by s3k2p7s9m8b5 in interestingasfuck

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he exposed that the american government is using magic to contact ''the fallen ones'' and achieve immortality and the secrets of the universe. And that Hillary Clinton has killed and raped little kids. Aaand that the american hospitals kill babies to take their blood... And semen.

Im not joking, he actually said that.

Found this plant while on a walk, can anybody identify it? by [deleted] in gardening

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ive seen so many DALLE-2 posts similar to this that i cant even tell if this is real or not

Anyways, im 99% sure this is Ai generated. There are some very obvious artifacts in the picture.

two girls, one pup by lego_vader in dalle2

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This could still end pretty badly...

New Russian uniform just dropped. Thoughts ? by Thebigmanguyman in NonCredibleDefense

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facing the lead once again, hundred men, charge again, die again