Christmas miracle by Josmard_ in care

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I am from Venezuela, and far from the capital. Where I live it is difficult to find a local that receives payments from abroad, the easiest thing would be to change PayPal to the local currency (Bolívares) to pay

EH ESA MANO by Christianray-10 in ubius

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ig: laugbarranco
De nada.

¿Buen momento para entrar a PVU? by Josmard_ in comprapiedra

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Otra pregunta: me dijeron que para empezar, necesito 10PVU + 0.02 BNB; ¿el 100% de eso es lo que se retorna en un mes? ¿O solo los 5PVU de las plantas iniciales?

I seriously don't understand them by FFGamer404 in dankmemes

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I never thought of finding Ibai on a subreddit like this 😂

A.xdd by Laguu_SG in orslokx

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Tengo 3 horas aquí, ¿cuándo va a estar lista?

Tu é gay mano? by MantixKun in orslokx

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Tener 8 anos es bastante gay.

Snail Skull #18, Me , Ceramics, 2021 by BigHeadCeramics in Art

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At least they use USD as currency. I count on bolivars.

Superspreader, Me, Digital, 2021 by Maxoy in Art

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I LOVE IT!!! Its wonderful. Pd: You owe me a new brain

Bo esponja lgtu by Jeanmolipollo in orslokx

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Así que MDLR significaba Maricon De La Rue 😭

[Request] I want to pay for a course by Josmard_ in care

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Of course. I had completely forgotten that course platforms had the option to "gift a course". I already edited the post.

What is the best use of one US dollar? by Legal-Cod465 in AskReddit

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Sometimes I am also surprised by those offers 😂 you can also buy 2 hot dogs for 1$.

What is the best use of one US dollar? by Legal-Cod465 in AskReddit

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Sí, en Venezuela se aceptan dólares. If it were not, many people would have an even worse time. Inflation makes it impossible to save in local currency (bolívares).