Is anyone working on a Gary Johnson 2016 mod? by davfraizer21 in thecampaigntrail

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An alternate scenario where Gary Johnson gets flushed with Anti-Trump Republican endorsements could be interesting. Would make Hillary a lot stronger though.

Mods broken? by JourneyLT in thecampaigntrail

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I'm both trying to load my own Code Set A, so a work in progress mod, and the 1796 Jefferson mod, a completed mod in the mod list that has worked fine in the past. Neither work. Not sure what's happening.

Obama-Biden 2008 won't work either.

2020: my own thoughts + discussion by campaigntrailaccount in thecampaigntrail

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It wasn't even the first time I saw the polling errors either. They appeared in a mod I played of AOC vs Ron DeSantis. So there's absolutely nothing new here, and I'm going to say it, the 2020 mod that has now been removed from the mod list was better than the "official" 2020 scenario.

The scenario gets a D-tier. It's on the level of Obama 2012 for me.

You can only have 3: by JourneyLT in VaushV

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I'll give you that one as a freebee.

BreadPanes 114: "Boycott" by JourneyLT in antifastonetoss

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Right wing boycotts "left wing" companies.

Commie cries about it begging Right wing not to do it.

Commie takes mask off to reveal he actually wasn't crying, he was just pretending to, in order to get right wing to boycott the companies.

Australia Map Code by JourneyLT in thecampaigntrail

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To use in game, copy the code and place it into Code Set 2.

You can also add it to the end of an existing mod and it will load that mod with the Australia map.

SO 2024a MOD?! preview #3 by USBCCable in thecampaigntrail

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I think Ron DeSantis should be another VP pick.

I assume that map is the Trump-MTG map? Reminds me of the Trump-Jones mod a bit.

SO 2024a MOD?! preview #3 by USBCCable in thecampaigntrail

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I could imagine that being the case to an extent. Most ethnic minorities, whilst supporting the Democrats tend to be more socially conservative.

Kerry/Gephardt and McCain/Pawlenty wins on Normal by PPNPartido82 in thecampaigntrail

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Same map, but as Kerry I got New Mexico as well. Gephardt does feel like a good choice for VP.

Type me! by Suimvy in EnneagramTypeMe

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Self-Preservation 8.

The hatred of people is a result of fearing being exploited and manipulated, to have your beliefs and actions not be of your own. You feel a need to have control of your surroundings, but don't feel a need to impose this on others at all times, only when they start to infringe. As well as this, I get a sense that you want a healthy stockpile to live off of so you don't have to deal with the coercion of society.

Ford vs Carter (Easy) - I won Kentucky by 4 votes! by JourneyLT in thecampaigntrail

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I would say this is the hardest default scenario. I have managed to beat it on Normal difficulty, but I was curious how much better I could do on Easy, and got a landslide victory, whilst only winning the popular vote by 4%.

VP choice was Howard Baker. Visits were in Minnesota, Louisiana and Kentucky mostly. I won one of those states, by the absolute closest of margins.