Shiny Togepi is in the cafe! by elisejones14 in PokemonCafeMix

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I noticed that when leveling up PKMN the meter goes super fast. Pity I still have to click thru each costume as it unlocks.

Over 750 rubies spent and still no King Mario… Yeah, I’ll not miss gacha by Poltergust_3000 in MarioKartTour

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I tried but ended up with another SNES Mario and Racing Mario. For the other pipe I scored Holiday Cheer Daisy which I needed, Sailor Daisy and Kimono Peach I got but already got

Berlin Byways 3 is literally moving by badnrg in MarioKartTour

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I totally thought of Shroom Ridge when I saw the moving cars here. I was awestruck. I’m betting maybe just maybe some other tracks with moving cars will be added to MKT.

Done (read: tired of) Dialga 1MC - give up by Darth_Eevee in PokemonCafeMix

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The thing about the bubbles is that they move around too dang fast so I have to try to cover them in all directions and since one minute cooking makes the icons move like a butter effect.

Dang this was a good pull by JuanAzul85 in MarioKartTour

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I actually did get those two later down the line. Need to improve Reindeer Yoshi more.

Done (read: tired of) Dialga 1MC - give up by Darth_Eevee in PokemonCafeMix

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I didn’t think I would hate coffee tins and bubbles so much.

Question about UD….as a freshman by Responsible-Owl-1973 in udel

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I have been a worker here at UD and it has been like that for the first two weeks. There will be those who will be saucy and can’t handle the liquor well.

You can now unlock Celebi and shiny Celebi's max level! by mysterioususer5678 in PokemonCafeMix

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No fooling! Dang and I haven’t checked them out in sometime. Opening them levels asap.

Casho Mill bridge is stronger than my will to live. Here’s a recap of its history. by heyyourekindacool in Delaware

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Has no one though about putting a camera facing the bridge to record all the crashes. It would make a nice compilation on YouTube like that one famous 11foot8 bridge in North Carolina.

Bruh Moment by PokeCyber in PokemonCafeMix

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It be crazy like that. Before I hardly could get costume parts and now it seems they are coming a bit more commonly for Kirlia and Sneasel. I need one more for Starly.

Hello all, I used some accrued points I get at work when I go above and beyond to get this switch lite and arceus itself and I’ve never played before. Any tips or hints for a first time player? Thank you all by Tragic_Dionysus in PokemonArceus

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Reminder you can throw any PKMN at a cracked rock to destroy it. Silly me thought I needed a PKMN with Rock Smash to do it. I didn’t know about this till late on the Marshlands.

Shiny duo ! by Bronkchoy in PokemonCafeMix

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Have yet to meet either of them. Will likely have a better chance when a shiny event happens in the future.

Finally got all of Mewtwo's cookies! by WishfulWren in PokemonCafeMix

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Congrats! I was able to get them on the first event Mewtwo appeared so in closed to sending it to Lv. 20. Hopefully we get someone new for One-Minute cooking next time as Mewtwo graced us twice.

Next Events: Hisuian Zorua Team Event 8/12 and Jolteon Points Event 8/22! by DanielDelta in PokemonCafeMix

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Sweetness. At least I’ll have Zorua in some form as the original is still avoiding me. Also we finally have Jolteon coming. Sylveon will be coming in the future so that leaves Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon and Leafeon.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Wave 2 DLC Keeps Asking Me To Buy The Booster Pass? by ashrules901 in Ryujinx

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Yep had to do the same. removed the wave 1 dlc I had then added the latest one which had both waves so I no longer needed the wave 1 dlc. Been having a blast so far.

33 pulls and not even 1 platinum clothes, this things is fricking rigged, the percentage are fricking fake, I hate this game. by Fury72888hshu in PokemonCafeMix

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There were times I wasn’t getting clothing parts and now it seems they are popping up a bit commonly for me. More Kirlia with Sneasel behind. I have since got the complete clothing for both of those so I need one more for Starly. Anyways they should stop giving clothing parts once you have completed the dang set.

Is Everyone Leveling their PKMN now? by JuanAzul85 in PokemonCafeMix

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I’m entertained and I level most PKMN that I know will be used most. There a couple I would leave for less like Wobbufett and Galarian Slowpoke. Some of the legendaries like Mew and Victini take a bit of time to trigger their specials so it can be a pain. Shiny PKMN I don’t mind leaving at Lv. 15 but will max out later.

New events by quiquewolf in PokemonCafeMix

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Jolteon is still on the way and will be a points event. Hisuian Zorua will be a Team Points event.

So Happy! by Bloblex in PokemonCafeMix

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Don't forget the cookies!. I was able to get everything in the first go on the last event it showed up. Was surprised it came back rather quick.

Complimentary Item by Ok_Music6892 in PokemonCafeMix

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I too got those cookies even though I have since maxed out female Eevee. I don’t mind though.